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FlavourArt Butter


i get it , when i first did diy i bought the v2 and Dx for same reason but was never satisfied so i researched and felt the issues werent that big of a deal for ME , and now i am a diketone freak lol btw i may have a few DX and V2 flaves still if you want ill check and you xan have them , if your in the US


@Pentine Dont vape… Problem solved… No more worry… :thumbsup:


I try to get groped when I fly,lol. Just saying~


I bet you do…:laughing:


Golden Butter, the taste is there but if you go the smallest amount too much it tastes nothing like butter I agree. You have to toy with this one to get the percentage right for the flavor.


I would avoid this one though:


Yeah, good call. :wink:


Capella Butter Cream is really good, regular butter is ok with very small amounts. Butter does turn into butt with too high of concentration.


I have a recipe with0.10% for the lowest amount I use and you’d think that small of an amount wouldn’t make a difference, but it’s a recipe I did for my son and he tasted it with and without at that percentage. Immediately told me I forgot something in the one without. The largest amount I use I think is a whopping 1.25% in my butter cake recipe and that is truly unheard of but it works. http://tjek.nu/r/bwTr


@VapeyMama You have any luck with that FA butter? Gonna be in the market for one soon. I have a coworker that makes this toffee with brown sugar, butter, saltines, and walnuts that I really want to replicate! She was cool enough to share her real life recipe with me, I just know that I’m gonna need a butter flavor for it and have read a lot of notes on how hit or miss a lot of them are. Seems to just be one of those flavors that’s hard to get right! I, too, practically shop by looking for the yummy triangle. I’ve had some success with cap’s butter cream, but I don’t want to start adding creams till I feel I need to on this one. Any help is appreciated!


It just came in the mail! I will totally post my notes once I test it. :grinning:


Would love to try it.


So I told you I’d give an update once I tried it. I’ve been playing around with the fa butter in several recipes and it’s so nice! Rich and buttery for sure. I’m actually really surprised that this isn’t a more popular flavor. I’ve not mixed this as a SA but in recipes its been delicious anywhere between .2-.7%. Its almost a movie theater popcorn butter, and I’m sure it could be pushed to that microwave popcorn taste if used up closer to 1% (which I haven’t done…yet). I highly recommend getting a little bottle of it to try!


scribbles down FA Butter


Glad to hear that. Now I’m glad I picked up a 30ml in my RTS cart a couple days ago for about $2.75 after the 50% discount.


Nice!! :yum:


Ditto. I picked a nice order from them and Butter was on there.


You are beyond awesome for remembering that! Lol Thank you much for your insight, that one is going on the next flavor order for sure! Not sure why it isn’t more popular either from your experience with it, maybe people shy away from it because of other horrifically bad butter flavors, or the “triangle of goodness” scares them. In any event, thank you again!


say cheese?


You’re welcome! Now I will say this–I like some weird shit. So…hopefully you like it and don’t just end up thinking I’m crazy. :wink: :joy: