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Following users and profile information


I haven’t gone through my list and published a few recipes lately. :pensive: I tend to shoot them out a couple at a time, so the “Downgrading Schmucks” don’t take aim at folks that publish a lot of recipes at once…:rage: They’ll do it! Hide and watch!


Very nice buddy. :+1::+1:


I am new here. Had an account for a while but but I just did my first DIY yesterday. Now looking for great recipes to try out.
How do we follow Dr_Amazing_Mixer ?
Not yet sure how this site works.
Still trying to figure it out.


On the recipes site (not here on the forum), when you find a recipe you like and want to ‘follow’ that mixologist, click on their name there. On their profile page, click on ‘Start following’ link, right above the list of recipes.



Thanks. Have tried everything. Can’t pull up his name.
New here but just donated.
Maybe my page will look different afterwards.


Can’t pull up who?


the “dr_amazing?mixer” i read about here


Umm, that was just a fake name. Like insert mixer’s name here. Did look convincing though.


LOL. ah ok i get it, following is a new feature here then. Im new so I could see I could follow but was unable to find that particular person…lol…that’s funny. thanks


Anytime. Keep in mind that some peoples name on the forum is different from their name on the recipe site.


hahaha sorry to have confused you! @Big_Benny_MI is right, I needed an example and made up a name :slightly_smiling:

One thing you could do, is checking out the profile of someone you know either has a taste similar to your own, or just a good mixer. Then check who they follow :slightly_smiling:


Already ahead of you. Did all that but was stumped by the mysterious “Dr. Amazing Mixer” - got it all under control now though, thanks :slight_smile:


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