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Following users and profile information


Hey guys!

It’s been a while since I did something really new for you guys.
You know how it’s getting harder and harder to find good recipes in the ocean of recipes that’s on ELR? Things are about to get a little easier!

Say you know Dr_Amazing_Mixer makes great recipes, well now you can follow him! Every time Dr_Amazing_Mixer posts a new recipe (or marks a private recipe not private), you’ll get an email notification (if you’ve enabled comment notifications in your preferences).

From “My page” you can see who’s following you, who you follow and then there’s a “Recipe feed” - this feed contains all recipes of the people you’re following.

I’ve also expanded the “profile page” (on the main site, not the forum). The page you get, when you click a username. You follow the person from here, and you can see who the person follows, and who’s following him.
I also added a bit of info from the forum - There’s a link to the forum profile and if they wrote something in their forum profile, some info is shown here.

Holler if you’re experiencing any weirdness!

Happy vaping!



Nice! :wink: This will certainly come in handy in the future! Thx @daath!


Not seeing how to follow from the profile page. Eager to try though. :wink:

Ah, on the recipe site profile not from the forum profile link. Awesome!!! Lars you truly rock!!!

Now @DarthVapor can track his followers like in Twitter. :grinning:


Stalker Mode…




Thanks daath, I’m not realy good at mixing and picking flavors. This will safe time in stead of lookig through the oceans of resipies on there. There is one think that bugs me, that some poeple change the name and % and flavors in the commet section. That like some one repainting my house with what they like.


Thank You !!! I love this site and little things like that end up being HUGE !!! I haven’t been here long but i already watch for recipes from certain people and this makes it easier to stalk them lol


Incredible enhancements, Lars. Thank you so very much for all you do!!


Woohoo! Thanks for all your hard work, Lars! :slightly_smiling:


Well, @daath, you have successfully enabled me in spending the last 2 hours researching all users of the same tobaccos which I have in my stash! Getting notifications of new recipes from these users will, no doubt, give me inspiration to mix it up when I’m in a mixing slump! :grinning:


Wow, that is pretty flippin cool! I just noticed it when i went to answer some feedback on one of my mixes. Thank you @daath, this exactly what i wished for.


Thanks Lars , you rock!
I think this will be very useful.


Oh snap! I don’t like being stared at, makes me nervous! No pressure! :wink:

Pretty neat idea Lars!



Thank this feature will be so nice. Thanks for the quick response.


My 3 year old son and I laughed our asses off at that eyeball. Haha,.

Thanks Lars. I am now a much more efficient stalker! :grinning:


Lars, that is such a cool feature. . .but it scares me. I really fear knowing how popular I am or am not. That’s why I’m not on any social media. I’m a terrible correspondent, I don’t remember to like things very often, never knew how until this forum. . .online I’m mostly a taker because I’m pretty busy IRL.

The feature is really cool and I appreciate it a lot. I may try to follow someone for the first time in my life. But, if you want to put this on your list of items though, I’d like a “remain ignorant of followers” option. I should have been born a hundred years ago. Ooooohhhh. If you could make me an “enigma” button, that would be awesome!

Am I the only one humbled by the Danish guy using the word ‘holler’ properly?


Well, it’s just a feature - it’s not a pledge of allegiance :laughing: I think it will be most useful to follow people you know who produce good recipes, but also explore who they follow, and who their followers follow etc - hopefully it will lead to people finding recipes they wouldn’t otherwise have found :smiley:

I just realized that email notification doesn’t seem to work… I will investigate the reason!


Alright. Email notifications should work now :slightly_smiling:


Notifications are working. @Kinnikinnick is hard at work. I can tell. LOL.

P.S. Now I just need an emoji with a guy with binoculars. :wink: