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Forum Newb! Looking for receipe


I am looking to create the same flavour as this: http://www.cloudcig.co.uk/product/cool-menthol-e-liquid/ I want just a basic menthol, I am not on 12mg I am completely new, I just want to save some money and create my own :smile:


I’ve been messing around alot… and I mean alot of trial and error and I think I finally got this thanks to @Jimk and @Ken_o_where


This one is going to hit your mark it’s Icy and menthol by Ken o’ where.


Awesome thank you! Will try it out. :smile:


Welcomd @liquidnewb! If you’re wanting something really similar to what you posted, it says they added a hint of vanilla. You might try adding a little bit of vanilla something to the recipe by Ken that Amy posted (you beat me to it! :stuck_out_tongue: ).


I immediately thought of his ice ice baby mix ! Did u as well ?


Yup! I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks very icy! Not a huge menthol fan, but I have a friend who is. When I can get ahold of the Extreme Ice, I’m gonna mix some up for her and see if she likes it.


Me either. I do some koolada and cool mint by caps but it’s usually in with watermelon.


Make sure to read how to handle nicotine. Be Safe first.

I keep a tank of this at all times. It’s on my nitestand, my last vape every night/morning.

Lite PepperMenthol Cig


I’ve never been a menthol fan either, but I can see how it would come in handy when you’ve got a cold and can’t taste or smell anything! I think it was @Ken_O_Where with his Ice Ice Baby! recipe that made me chuckle a little bit, imagining me mixing up a batch of this just to be able to get ANY sensation at all in my nose and on my tongue, if I were under the weather with a cold!


@liquidnewb What do you use to vape as far as devices? The recipe that others pointed to is powerful with a high powered device but with an eGo and and EVOD, or the likes, it would be much less powerful. I dont add anything to this juice because anything that could be added would be overpowered by this much menthol. When i make menthol juice with flavoring i drop these %'s way down. Anise, black licorice and Vanilla are some of my favorites to add to menthol.

@JoJo you can order order Extreme Ice from MountBakerVapor, the 15ml bottles they sell are a bit more than that, appx 17ml, which makes it a pretty good deal when you use a 10% off code, ‘vaporbybaker’.

@Jimk I have such bad seasonal allergies that sometimes i just have to go to extremes to get my nose unplugged, lol. Thing is, i hated menthol smokes. I was a Reds guy until i started rolling my own American Spirits. But i love a menthol vape, just as long as there is no tobacco.


WOW you guys are awesome! I will try it all let you know the outcome!