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Fresh meat needs help!

                        Greetings ladies and gentlemen!

I want to recreate taste of this cider to e-liquid, but I don’t know how? I really love this taste and I want to recreate, help. any advice? I’m fresh and inexperienced at DIY like a new born baby at boxing ring against Tyson Fury aka Tyson Luke Fury.


Arnie has one:


I just mixed this up and it’s promising!


It’s a private recipe. It sounds delicious, but now I have a sadface.


Does the link work now? Just made it public.


Hey VM, that looks interesting, and I have all the ingredients sans Liquid Amber. I’ve been a little hesitant about buying any Amber because I’m not sure about what the profile is. Is it fruity, woodsy, dessert?


I kind of get a little bit of cooked or fermented fruit flavor from it. There’s no distinct fruit that I taste, just a generic fruity note. I use it to knock down the brightness of fruits. So when I’m “cooking” something like a fruit pie or making a cocktail type drink it helps push your fruits in the direction of them starting to break down. I hope that makes sense…lol


Makes perfect sense. Thanks


Works great! Thanks!

But I just realized I don’t have two of the concentrates-I’m missing the Lemonade(PRL) and the Wine Champagne(FA). Guess it’s time to play “Alternates”!