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Frosting Flavorah... Da Shiznit


I wish you had tried LA CCI to compare. I’m like you in the real life CCI respect. I am not a fan much. But it is deep and rich and sweet in vape juice, but unfortunately, also fleeting. It never came back for me after a couple days in any recipes I’ve used.


I’ve tried LA CCI since everybody is raving about it.

I don’t like that weird icing that you find on most cakes sold in stores or bakeries. I get some weird plastic artificial taste from it, mostly ruining every cake and enjoyment…

I’m more into cream or butter cream frostings, that what we put on cakes in europe. After picking up CCI for me personally it doesn’t remind me of any of that.

I get no actual icing, nor frosting, glaze but what I do get is weird cream cheese at any percentage followed by plastic.

No matter at what percentage, it’s great for a actual secondary and depth note when building a cheese cake but it’s not a cake topping/icing.

It’s a 2-4 week steep minimum before it’s even noticeable and then it mostly overruns everything else in a mix, unless it’s heavy custard or bakery. I have a love hate relationship with that flavor and mostly reach for butter cream frosting (WF-SC).

Unfortunately it doesn’t work with a lot of recipes because not everything goes with butter cream lol.

I’m always on the look out for recommendations but mostly pray it’s not FLV or MF due to the price. Oh well I’ll add it to my list if it steeps quicker and is more versatile than CCI or/and butter cream frosting.

Maybe someone uses all three and can do a comparison? Thanks for sharing your thoughts on frosting (flv) tho.


@Pro_Vapes I was surprised to see this post, as honestly, it never would have occurred to me that this could be used as an enhancer, and I merely fumbled around with it, using it as, well, FROSTING, LOL. I will continue to watch this thread, and begin some experiments with this one. Thanks for your insights on this.


This is part of what makes DIY mixing such a quandary, and what makes it so specifically personalized. You and I detect just about the complete opposite of what can be detected. I see sweet, rich icing that disappears quickly, and you see weird, plasticy grossness that sticks like dog poo on the bottom of a shoe. How can anyone extract good info from this? It’s funny. It just takes personal experience in so many cases.

It hasn’t put me off wanting Frosting, though it does contradict my desire to pare the pile down. Ack. But our individual reviews of this same concentrate couldn’t be much more different! :sunglasses:


Reviews are just that… REVIEWS*. You can follow that up even further… In order to see notes, you’re probably on the Flavors Page. One more click will bring you to recipes… Clicking any recipe can bring you more info about that flavor. When in doubt just dig a bit deeper and you might find more info to make your decision a little more simple…

Mastering this tool below will help a lot in flavor decisions…


I have that one bookmarked already. I was just sort of making a point about individuality overall, but maybe it wasn’t the best point to make.


Your point is very valid and has been a major sticking point for me. If you have a 50/50 decision, viewing recipes can help you also. See who’s using it and how it’s being used. You can also find flavor notes beyond SF Test in some recipes.


Let me know how that works out please.


That’s the reason I started diy. I couldn’t find anything I liked or needed to settle for boring strawberry since that together with cheesecake, is most stores only flavor variety.

Sometimes I wish I could taste what other people taste, would be so much easier and I wouldn’t feel like I’m the weirdo lol. That’s why I always say, test it for yourself because that somebody might love the profile or get just as advertised the flavor it’s labeled as :wink:

However I do love reading different opinions, it definitely makes it easier for me picking flavors. If all of you say it’s a nice mellow orange, I know not to pick it up because I’ll probably taste watermelon, but I could pick it up for my husband, he always tastes the opposite and it drives me crazy lol.


My last off-topic comment here, but I don’t know that you’re the weirdo. Could very easily be me. That’s sorta my point.


OK, back on topic.