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Frosting Flavorah... Da Shiznit


Luckily I was able to access this flavor early on. I knew it was special from the start… It has so many uses in so many different mixes.

I actually abused this flavor from the start by using it too high. I first started mixing this at around 1%, but over time I’ve found that .2% adds just what I need in some mixes.

I’m wondering who else has tapped this resource and do you have any thoughts about this flavor/enhancer. IMO it’s a must have for your stash because it offers so many benefits to mixes.

I just want to give the folks @ Flavorah a shout out and big thanks for this creation!


me me me me, I love this flavor, seems i put it in everything !!! at the moment been using it .25% and I can see it going lower, at first I was useing it 1.5% but way to much.


I actually put this in most of my newer mixes also. It started with cake mixes, then it spread like wildfire. It just add that lil sumthin that you didn’t know was needed.

Is it a frosting… sweetener… enhancer… does it round out mixes??? It has yet to fail me!


it does all them things, in desserts and just a little in fruit mixes rounds it out, very versatile flavor.


Yeah… I agree. If the fruit is in with creams or bakeries It does help those mixes, but I haven’t just used it in a fruit only mix.

On a side note… adding a drop or 2 of fruit might make for a real nice flavored icing… Wellll… for a dessert mix tho. :expressionless:


You made me sing your comment in my head.


Frosting FLV vs Cream Cheese Icing LA…

I’ve tried them both and I was never ever able to get a good feel for CCI LA. It kinda reminds of Yogurt FLV… I just don’t get that Icing sweetness and a weird sour note. The Frosting FLV brings that real icing taste and feel I hoped for.


yes exactly , its smooth , sweet, plays well with everything, don’t know about tobaccos, I haven’t tried any tobaccos yet., but I bet it would smooth them out as well


Can a flavor be hard and soft at the same time? Sounds a bit stupid, but it is one more of the Frosting attributes. When you add it… it’s there. It doesn’t get run over by other flavors, but still retains it’s subtle soft sweetness.


I just got this flavor with my most recent order, and whipped up a batch of @Silhouette’s Twinkie Promise. I’ve not done a tester on it yet as I’m out of 10 ml bottles, so I guess I’m in for a treat?

I know, I know…cart before the horse…walk before you run…yada, yada. Flavor testing?


i have not tried this flavor as thouroughly as id like but i have use it in a couple recipes to sweeten the mix u and to add a layer in a mix … but hopefully soon ill be able to use this in a few different applications , but as a sweetener / light creamy mouthfeel booster upper ( lol ) it is good , i have used this flavor at .25 to .5. but not any higher , maybe ill use the WF SC angel food cake and the frosting together to see how well the frosting does with a cake type flavor hmmmm a 2 flve recipe


Yep. I’ll definitely second that!
It’s been a flavor that I dug from the word go. I’ve played with it for several months now, and like MF butterscotch, it’s one of those flavors that I consider a must have in my arsenal. There’s just nothing else quite like it.


I use it in several recipes & usually at 1% or less, but my Twinkies recipe is the exception at 1.5%. It’s a great flavor & very handy to have.


the only problem I am having, unfortunately , are the bottles, and got about 30 more have’nt open yet, the regular bottles are good, these new bottles, well i’m losing juice. i am calling FLV. today, They have super great customer service


I’m glad to see the direct comparison here. I have been using LA CCI for a long time. It does add a nice deep icing note that reminds me of the glaze that comes with those tubes of cinnamon rolls, but the problem- at least for me- is it all but disappears completely in seemingly just days. If this is a good, lasting alternative I am in. Eventually. Wallet still smoldering from the MF outburst.


I also noticed it seemed to have kind of a “doldrums effect” (where either it subsides in the mix momentarily, or the other flavors dominate for a bit -not sure which yet, as the couple of mixes I’ve been toying with it most in are somewhat similar) but in weeks 2-3 the frosting came back to where it was supposed to be for me.


Are you referring the Pro’s Shiznit or the CCI?


ya all of mine have broke like your greek yogurt one


FLV Frosting. Never bought LA cream cheese icing. (never been a fan of CCI in real life. Though I love cream cheese on bagels.)


This is something I may have missed as I very seldom try a mix in less than 3 weeks, but I find myself breaking this rule more as of late. I’l certainly look for this since you pointed it out.