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Fruity menthols, and fruit medley


Hi, this is my first ever post. More of a feeler/advice post. I’ve been doing diy for 6 or so months now. The above are my favorite flavors. I’m a menthol, and fruits, and my wife is a fruit mix fan. I’ve made several attempts at different concentrates, but they all seem pretty bland. Wondering how to make them crisp, sweet, and fresh. And for the menthol flavors, what’s some good ways of making sure the menthol doesn’t mute the flavors added?


Welcome to ELR, Rover.

Give me a few and I can help. There are a few others here that do menthol and fruits well. Search Skulls Recipes on the forum side and his menthols are on point. On the recipe side of the site search for Glass Apple. It is a great menthol vape.

I have a great watermelon chill on the recipe side and @Jayrell I believe had a good grape menthol he has been working on.


Please type in acouple recipies in the following format and we can give you some good advice.

For example.

Strawberry custard
Strawbeeery FA 2%
Strawberry ripe tpa 4%
Fresh cream FA 0.5%
Marshmallow FA 1%
Vanilla custard v2 cap 6%


So with menthol and fruit the key is the menthol. Some menthol will kill anything if you add too much. It will make it like gasoline. If that is the case give it to @TheTinMan1. He and his friends like a flavor that will punch you straight in the dick.
So with fruit medleys some fruits over power other fruits. Like pineapple will invade other fruits and over take them quickly. So it is about amount and what type. It is a difficult balance sometimes with a ton of testing.


Oh that is just too good.


It is the god honest truth. I made a glass apple that was so fucking strong I could barely open the fucking bottle. I gave it to him and it was gone that fucking day.


I could have fueled a jet with that mix.


One of my orange menthols makes your clothes smell like this if it hasn’t steeped long enough. Tastes fine though.


And I am being brand-specific. Smells exactly like it.


It wasn’t just a cooling sensation in the throat, I got frostbite in my toes on the second vape.

Can you make some more? :laughing:


Just add jet fuel to your mix. There you go.


well i understand you problem since you’re new in DIY and probably don’t have experimented so much…

first of all you don’t need much menthol or add this sensation… 0,5 - 2 % is enough almost for everything that you want to use (i am using TPA menthol b.t.w)

for making crisp, sweet and fresh stuff… well
additions: Citric Acid, Ethyl Maltol, Sweetener Smooth, Sour, etc…

fruits: most fruits (lets say strawberry) and most flavors can’t stand alone… i mean let’s say Strawberry
you will have to add more than 2-3 strawberries to make it fresh, full rounded etc…from same or even different vendors… think like using:

Strawberry TPA
Strawberry Ripe TPA
Sweet Strawberry CAP
Strawberrry Shisha INW

all in small percentage… one works for earthly taste, other for sweetness, other for rounding the flavor and other for making more solid…

also have in mind that underflavoring can cause muted flavor, but oh well… same can be happened with OVERflavoring too unfortunately…

i know that my post is really generic… but i hope help you getting the generic idea… :slight_smile:

gl and hf m8 :slight_smile:


Welcome to the club! As @TheTinMan1 mentioned Glass Apple is an Awesome mix I keep some of that around for a good cool change up. Unfortunately my grape menthol that I was working on was an epic fail and if it got too close to an open flame my house would blow up lol… glad it was mentioned I need to revisit that… grapes are super hard to nail most have a very artificial icky taste in my opinion so back to the drawing board on that one… I just recently received another flavor shipment and I had a couple new grape flavors in it… maybe I will work on that a little this week and let you know what I think… paitience is key… good luck and keep asking questions


Let me add that menthols can be a pain and yes that menthol can over power quickly… koolada is great in small percentages Togo e that cooling effect without changing flavor… I use small amounts of koolada and even smaller of menthol with some fruits just for that… koolada around .25 ish and menthol no more than 1% but I have not done a menthol flavor in a while. I do have some good fruit mixes I need to stop being lazy and get them up on the site…


This ratio works well for me. I’ve created a better blueberry base now, but this one is solid and doesn’t mute.


One off my favorites, don’t think it’s one here since I adapted this from a recipe I found somewhere.

Forest Fruit (FA) 3%
Fuji Apple (FA) 2%
Jungle Juice (FW) 1%
Menthol (FW) 0.75 %
Super Sweet (CAP) 0.5%

In fact I mixed up a 0.5l off this this morning. S&V certified