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FW Buttered Popcorn - Anyone tried it?


cool thanks BB I’ll give it a shot :thumbsup:,


I currently have this on my list as I have yet to find a butter without diketones. CAP Golden Butter has no butter taste to it at all, and this seems to be my last resort.



It’s hard to find a butter without diketones,but ask and ye shall receive, Natures Flavors has a pretty good butter extract that they market as Diacetyl free. Here is the link, https://www.naturesflavors.com/218-flavor-extract-without-diacetyl?p=4

It is a bit pricy but it is a low percentage use flavor so the bottle will last you a very long time.


I have taken a look at Natures Flavors before but have been overwhelmed by all the options. Have you tried them yourself?


Oh yes I have lots of NF flavors and use them quite often, I have NF Butter too,nan nan nana na…Ha Hehehe…