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FW Buttered Popcorn - Anyone tried it?


hey all, I bought this in the hope I could get close to cloning Mohawk&Co’s Butterscotch Popcorn, I’m only on my first attempt but the thing is, it’s really cloudy and it tastes like soap??..I don’t mean it just tastes a bit soapy…I mean it’s like licking a bar of soap :flushed:
This can’t be right surely, it’s disgusting, I’m tasting no popcorn anything?

Has anyone else got any experience with it??

Cheers in advance :wink:


Looks like others agree:


Damn that was a lucky escape … I shall remove it from shopping cart before hitting complete !!!


Yes, it’s really buttery and I have not got to make a real recipe with it yet but getting there. gotta make the time soon.


hmm…well, the mrs tried it and nearly threw up, I should of made a single flavour batch first to try it out, I can’t taste any popcorn AT ALL, this is by far the worst recipe I’ve ever made lol

Butter Toffee Popcorn

Ingredient %
Buttered popcorn (FW) 6
Butterscotch (Flavorah) 3
Dulce de Leche (TPA) 1
English Toffee (TPA) 2
Meringue (FA) 1.5
Sweetener (Sucralose) (FW) 1.5

Flavor total: 15%

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oh great i bought some to mix with the kettle corn just havent tried it yet , FW is on my list of getting rid of and trying to replace their staple flaves like yellow cake etc I WONT BUY ANY NEW FLAVES FROM THEM


well, I emailed Flavorwest and with respect to them they actually got back to me same day, they said if it tastes chemical then I have used too much and should drop my percentage…
ok then.
since I emailed them I managed to find around 14 or 15 reviews on it…13 said it was disgusting.

I just think it’s a bad n. :disappointed:


ya i think it may be a popcorn thing bc kettle corn is simply weak and ive yet to see a good popcorn review ill test mine tonight its brand new never opened, what pefcent have you tested at ???FW i usually start between 5 and 7.5pct


I used it at 6 in the recipe on this thread, I wouldn’t of thought that was too high …


i wouldnt think so either especially for FW


I really like flavor apprentice kettle corn its a perfectly sweet popcorn really good five stars.


I love flavor apprentice kettle corn its really good.


i would have to completely disagree at 10 pct single flave it starts to have a taste , they cld have done a way better job , but that is why they say taste is subjective


You are right I have a skittles flavor and a bunch of my friends thati make juice for love it and me and my wife think it tastes like a bouquet of flowers in our mouth and they dont taste it at all. With the kettle corn I dont ever use it as a single flavor I mix it with strawberry and creamy yogurt and it tastes so good I sold 360 ml of that flavor last week all on request because they liked the sample I gave them I was kind of following the flavor profile for strawberry drizzle by popcorn man I have never had strawberry drizzle but I was inspired by there flavor profile and it turned out great the only difference from there profile was kettle corn insted of butter popcorn I figured a sweeter popcorn would taste better to me and ot does taste good to me. But like you said taste is subjective.


I was digging through some of my lesser used flavorings and came acrossed LB ( Liquid Barn ) Strawberry Cheesecake… I thought why did I stop using this again. I went back to my notes and read that it taste just like buttered popcorn with a sweet lil slightly ripen SB at the exhale on a SnV. I also read that @JoJo has had the same experience w/ it tasting like butter popcorn. So just a thought for you guys that may have the flavor and haven’t used it check it out. I swear it’s not terrible as a butter popcorn just terrible at a SB Cheesecake !


interesting! …I seriously need to clone this Mohawk&Co butterscotch popcorn, I caved and ordered 60ml just because it’s the nicest liquid I have vaped in a long time, tastes EXACTLY like butterkist popcorn it’s amazing, my mrs hates the smell though haha


I hear ya at least you know you enjoy it. Every single time I cave I end up hating the juice I paid 20$ for and myself when I realize this is gross after a tank or two. I’ve had a bottle of Donuts all summer long and it keeps getting worse instead of better. Glad you got your fix :wink: sorry for the wify thou :frowning:


being that you are the queen of flavors are you aware of any popcorn flaves that are good ???


Just the Kettle Corn TFA that someone already mentioned. It’s tasty and works well as a added sweetness in bakeries. @Beaufort_Batches uses it often. I have TFA Butter but have yet to really make anything w/ it.


Dude, I just now looked at that recipe, that’s way too much FW Buttered Popcorn. Try 5% TFA Kettle Corn and .5% to 1% FW Buttered Popcorn. That FW Buttered Popcorn is pretty strong, it will fool you as it did me.