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Fw whipped cream substitute?


A friend’s cannoli recipe. They had given me a bottle to try and I burned right through it so I asked for the recipe, ordered the missing ingredients (or so I thought) and didn’t realize I didn’t have the wc till just now. Smh


If it is so good (and you have permission), feel free to share!

@Pro_Vapes you’re probably right but flavor is subjective and I think it’s a subtle nuance… To each his own of course. I know FA also has a whipped cream which I haven’t tried yet. So far I’ve had pretty decent results with cream fresh and since it’s never the dominating flavor in a recipe, I’ve never felt the need to also buy the whipped cream (yet)


I don’t. :confused: Its one that they sell so I’m pretty sure they want to keep it under wraps.


THUS… my bold print…


pssst…buy the whipped cream :wink: Its tasty! :yum:


Either… 0.25% fresh cream fa, 1.25% whipped cream cap, 0.25% Vienna cream fa, 0.5% milky undertone ooo, or 0.25% whipped cream fa.


Same here with the FW Whipped Cream. I have tried tried CF and CW FA and there is a difference. And you’re right there is a subtle difference, but IMO that subtle difference I find to be invaluable in some mixes. Cream Fresh is a very good cream, but it doesn’t inject the fluffiness that I get from FA CW in mixes when that’s what you want from a cream note. At least not in my Milkshake Base and a few other recipes where a fluffy cream is required.


I will but I already have other brand whipped creams and there are so many fruits and even tobaccos that are higher up on the wishlist

That is one of the reasons why it’s not on top of my wishlist. I find a lot of vapes are too fluffy already. It’s the same issue I have with a lot of marshmallows. I like the flavor but it’s just too airy or fluffy for my liking. Again, very subjective matter.


Very good point… Maybe I’m too exact when it comes recipes… At this stage I find myself wanting to use the exact flavor for the profile I’m seeking. It’s not my recipe and I should’ve just stood down.


And I’m clearly just winging it here! :joy:


Sure. I am the same way. I would think swapping out fw 1.5% one could cheat alittle. Lol.


Yeah. Your right Chris. Lol. Some of your mixes if you swap out one thing would really jack up your mix. Yup. Especially swapping a blueberry for another blueberry. Lol.


Just to pass on info for others needing subs… I’ve read a number of user Note heres on ELR recommending TPA WC for FA Meringue


how does a cream substitute for a cookie?


A meringue is made from whipped egg whites and sugar. It can be soft (think lemon meringue pie topping) or oven baked until hard (assuming that’s your thought process).

The softer version does in fact have a creamy texture and flavour imo.


Holy shit, I don’t think it even mattered what I replaced the fw wc with, I’ve SNV’d almost the whole bottle already…shoulda made more than 60ml. :laughing:
I think I might do an experiment and do a whole bunch of different versions with all of the suggestions here. And then mix it up as intended to compare and see who wins!
Just kidding, I’m too lazy for that.


Just curious. What’s the recipe?


TFA WC = whipped cream
FA Meringue is not a cookie.

Perhaps you were thinking macaroon?


Having some difficulties tonight?

She’s already said it can’t be shared…


:laughing: Thought maybe she’d break with repeated asks

Actually, no J/K - I saw that but I frickin forgot by the next day! And it made me hungry. Like now, I have to go eat cereal, which happens. every. time. I read recipes!

Oh, and BTW, I think @Suomynona meant the Italian biscuits/desserts called meringue. Sounds like Vanilla Wafers IMO

Gotta look up a recipe for that now!! Nom Nom :fortune_cookie: