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Fw whipped cream substitute?


I sat down to mix and relized that I don’t have the fw whipped cream that the recipe calls for. Its a small amount so I doubt a substitute will make a huge difference, but can anyone who has used it before suggest another cream that would be close?


If it’s a small amount, I sometimes take FA cream fresh or any other brand whipped cream. It shouldn’t change the flavor profile too much.
And I actually prefer cream fresh over a lot of whipped creams tbh.


It calls for 1.5% in a 19% total flavor recipe. What % would you swap fresh cream in at? Otherwise I have fa whipped cream…


I’d probably go for around 1% (guesstimate)
FW whipped’s median use is 2.3% in mixes, for fa cream fresh it’s about 1.5% so do the math :wink:


Sorry I’m no help, but I am interested in hearing this. I’ve always taken “Whipped Cream” as simply that; not as just the flavor but I also consider its’ use to be like the real food equivalent like Cool Whip. So I’d probably never think to sub it for a different cream type, only a different vendor Whipped Cream in a recipe that called for something with whipped cream, like pie or something. That may also not make sense though…


Haha thanks for letting me be lazy and doing the leg work for me! :joy: I should be capable of some math. :wink:


It’s actually 0.97826087% that you should use so I guess my guess wasn’t that far off


Sweet! I was just about to have to do some algebra… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Going to mix now! Thank you!


was that algebra? hmn… maybe you should recalculate coz I have no clue about that stuff
just did 1.5%(fw whipped)/2.3(median % fw)*1.5(median % fa)


Idk… pretty sure I wrote an x on my paper… that’s algebra right? :laughing:


X’s on my papers means I got it wrong.


Damn… I probably got it wrong then…


Sorry for soiling your thread. I couldn’t help it.


Eh, its all good. Got a good answer, soil away! I mean, within reason. This isn’t the saloon. :wink:


Now stop distracting me, I have a recipe to mix! Lmao


I guess I could just not look…

Ignore me, I’m leaving.


To get back on track, I always considered fa cream fresh as whipped cream.
Creme fraiche (French for cream fresh or fresh cream) is what we call whipped cream in our funny language anyways. Taste wise, it reminds me of it too so @TW12, I don’t consider it to be a different cream or flavor.


I got it mixed, we’ll see how different it tastes from the original. Like I said I doubt it’ll end up mattering whole lot but I’m glad you chimed in!


So what did you end up mixing if I may ask? :slight_smile:


I’ve used FA Cream Fresh in quite a few recipes when I needed a fresh cream flavor or hue, but at least for me FA Cream Whipped plays as whipped cream in mixes. I like FA CW at .75 to 1.5% in mixes.

This is just a individual preference.