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Gearbest Giveaway: What gift(s) will you prepare for "2017 Mother's Day"?


Dear friends,
Time flies too fast and I can’t believe that the holiday was over!!!

Mother Day is coming.Think that we all want to prepare a special gifts to our dear mother.

The gift price is not the first element of love, it is only a way to show our love to our mother. Also, you can choose the other way to share your love.

Today, we will do a small giveaway about “2017 Mother Day” 2017-05-14) and hope that you like it~

Time: 2017-05-03 to 2017-05-13

1.Say the gift(s) you want to send out and post our Gearbest links(pls feel free to go to Gearbest: Here )
2.Tag 2 your friends and Gearbest to view your whish
3.If you have aother idea to show your love, pls feel free to leave your conments too

We will choose one friend to send out the value of $30 USD mystery packs on 2017-05-13.

Welcome to leave your comment and let’s see who is the lucky one: chuckle

Nice day

  1. I want my Mom to be Happy :slight_smile:


me too :grin:


Thank You @June :heart:


I would love to take my Mother on Vacation here. She has never been outside of the U.S. and has always loved going to the beach.


No gifts to send out since she passed away 10 years ago.


Anybody here who still has a mom to send a gift to?
@tbt127 @VapeyMama @Lolly @Underanne @Pugs1970 @Ajinkya @DrChud @Bob_Bitchen @TheTinMan1 @Brotherbob1


definitely a nice shiny new mod, and what could possibly be better than red snakeskin to vape in style?


My Mother is gone now but my Mother In Law is 94 still drives ( perhaps shouldn’t ) plays Cards with her friends 3 times a week and is still active as can be.


We’ve already had Mothers Day here? Or am I going insane (again) :laughing:


Don’t worry dear, you’re not insane. You’ve had yours March 26 :relaxed:


Phew! Thanks Jose :+1::laughing:


Congratulations @Lolly

I counted your entry nevetheless let me know if you don’t want me to and i go to next user :stuck_out_tongue:

Dont worry if you didn’t wim this time and ty all for the participation…



Wheehey @Lolly Congrats! :tada:


Congratulation @Lolly


Congrats @Lolly


Thank you everybody!

However - I don’t feel mine was a valid entry, so @June would you kindly move to the next successful person on the list :kissing_heart:

Thank you @June and Gearbest for another fab competition!


That’s grand of you, Lolly, you sweet thing! :sparkles:

So woop woop @Mark_Turner then! Lol :tada: Congrats!


Congrats @Mark_Turner


Wait ! What !?! @Lolly passes on the Mystery Mothers Day Giveaway? Not necessary, but very kind of you. I gratefully accept :slight_smile: Thank You @June I will send you a PM with my pertinent information. Thank You for the Great Giveaway :slight_smile: