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Geekvape Gbox Silicon Conversion


Hey @Nappen do you know what size Torx screwdriver that is ? I have all but that one

I’m going to try to use my rod from a old DB 160 ( but cut it down )

The battery door broke off after I dropped it several times



yeah i know the size? :smiley:
buth i cant tell u it´s a secret :smiley:
Buth the tube is not the same on the Db 160 and the Gbox.
Torx 06 :wink: is the number on my screwdriver :slight_smile:


Way cool Thank You :+1:


Thanks @Nappen for finding the right bottle and @SthrnMixer for sending me a bottle because FT lost my order somewhere in transit. Added some 3mmx3mm magnets in the screw holes and recessed 3mmx1.5mm into the posts. Came out pretty nice I think.


Way cool good job
Do the magnets hold the cover on tight ?


Yes, so tight in fact that I cut a slot in the cover with a file to help get it off. The door doesn’t rattle at all even. The door itself is fairly light, so 4 pairs of n50 magnets have no trouble keeping it there, especially combined with the groove it sits in.


did you have to do any drilling for the magnets to fit? Also, did you glue them in? Where did you get your magnets from?

thanks for reading and sorry for all the questions lol


Do you or anyone else here know if there’s a USA based company that carries these bottles?? I need to get this done ASAP before I go on vacation :frowning:


I don’t know any US vendors but here’s an Ebay listing that would probably work. Just judging by the photo it looks right. Can’t say for 100% sure though. Kinda pricey too but this or something similar may be your only chance of getting one before your holiday.


@NMEONES Broscience is us vendor for modmaker, they have em but not sure which are softer
Kidneypuncher has one and a refill bottle
vapehappy has a few and the geekvape flask but always sell out fast


Yes, drilled the posts to receive the magnets. 1/8" / 3mm twist drill, gently, by hand, to fit so the magnet is flush with the rim the drill will leave.

Yes, CA / super glue

Body https://www.kjmagnetics.com/proddetail.asp?prod=D21B-N52&cat=168
Door https://www.kjmagnetics.com/proddetail.asp?prod=D22-N52&cat=168

The magnets grab just right, it might be fine with all 8 magnets being the 1/8"x1/16", but I can’t say.

Gbox mod - now it's actually quite decent

@JMak642 Is there a certain brand of CA/Super Glue that you would recomend?


Way cool Thanks for the links :+1:


No man, whatever you have in that drawer full of junk in your kitchen does fine usually.


The crazy kind w/ the pennies and paper clips stuck to it


Thank you guys… I bought the MM squonk bottle and it’s awesome!!! Waiting for my refill bottle to come so I don’t have to keep taking off the battery door to refill . I really don’t want to start drilling any holes in the mod so I’m taking this approach!