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Geekvape Gbox Silicon Conversion


I really love sqounking.
buth every mod i owned has come with these crapy worthless Plastic bottles that´s super hard and breaks easy.
so i just want to let everyone know that it is Possible to convert Gbox to a silicon bottle sqounker.
what i did was removed the 4 screws on the front cover, removed the 2 screws that hold the stainless steal tube. and just replaced it with a YFTK 8ml sqounk bottle. it fitts direct and u dont have to make any modifications so u can restore the mod to stock when u are going to sell it. :slight_smile:

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Nice work. Does the bottle suck back excess juice?


I just realized this could be done when I took mine apart to repair a solder.


Yes it still sucks the excess out. not as fast. buth i rather have a slow return and can empty a bottle with out pushing for my life.

yeah i did se someone linked aobut that. mine is fine i took mine apart (as i always do before u ise my mods) and mine was no problem.


I like the idea and am glad to see the bigger bottle in there. And your experience with the easier squeeze is great.


only “down” side with replacing the stock bottle setup is that u pretty much have 2 option.

Option 1.
always refill the bottle with a 510 refill bottle (i do that)
the postive is that u can recover the mod and go back to stock setup.

Option 2.
remove the screws and glue in magnets in there places. requires dilling out and “destroying” the mod.
Posetive. U dont have to use a 510 refiller and can easy remove the bottle.
negative. u destroy the mod so u cant go back to the stock setup.


Thank you this is great info, and it did cost me a little and the long anticipated wait for the arrival on the slow boat for the bottles and refill bottles. My biggest problem with the Gbox is squeezing the bottle then resetting the wattage from hitting the up down buttons while squeezing. maybe this will help me avoid that being easier to squeeze.


Thanks! i’ll have to check that out as my GBox should be here in the next day or so. I also caught on reddit that the VT Inbox bottles will work with a little manipulation to the top of the bottle. Because I’ve been using the Inbox almost exclusively for the last month or so the bottles on my Squeezes and DBs are starting to feel like rocks. This will be really useful with the YFTK bottles too!


U can actully cut the top of a vtinbox bottle remove the top of the yftk 8ml bottle and push down the top part in the stock bottle and run it with the silicon bottle as well. Hehe


Awesome! Would you happen to know the sku for the YFTK bottle at FT? Was putting together an order at FT and I’d like to add a few of the bottles to the order.


I got mine from 3fvape

Buth i think its these
$6,65 YFTK 510 Central Silicone Dropper Bottle - Silicone, 30ml, White (free shipping) - FastTech.com

$4,02 YFTK Replacement Bottom Feeder Bottle for BF Squonk Mod - 8ml, Silicone, White (free shipping) - FastTech.com


Just a general question for all who are on this thread. Do you use high vg juice? I am at 70vg normally and dont have issues squeezing the bottle on setup.


Thanks! Added to the cart! I already picked up one of those refill bottles for the Gbox and have another one coming with my Hugo Squeezer.


I do 70% VG and especially as the bottle gets low, it gets progressively harder to squoosh it out.

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I run max vg. Its not a problem its just that i prefer soft silicon bottles. And i live in a could country that makes plastic fragile hehe


More pictures @Nappen? Can you take the cover off and show us the bottle connection?


Agreed, pix if possible? I have a Gobx…took it skiing…was fine when warm…when it finally cooled, it was a damn pain in the a$$ to get any juice up into the coils…the stock bottle actually has lines on it from squeezing cold…


i´ll take som pictures :smiley: upload soon just need to take it apart again :slight_smile:


Here comes updated Pictures

This is the part u have to remove it´s just 2 screws that hold it.


I ordered 5 bottles from FT. I’m sure everyone did and the guys at FT are like “WTF, we should charge more for these bottles”