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Giveaway ECX - Two $25 Gift Cards (Ended)


New Giveaway Contest!

Prize: 2x $25 gift cards to ecigexpress.com

Question: What is your favorite pairing of flavors?

Winners will be chosen via randomizer and announced Friday next week!

Good Luck! :sunglasses:


Vanilla Cream Extra (SC) (WF) & any Custard or Bakery type flavor profile :white_check_mark:


Right now I’m really digging Pomegranate and Pineapple, with a just a touch of Ginger Ale. Very refreshing!


that sounds intriguing!


went with butterscotch and butter rum recently


I’ve always loved the way that Peach and Mango taste together.


Duce de leche (jf) and any cream, custard, or fuji (fa)


Lately I have been playing with
Orange and mytime
Orange and anise
Orange pistachio and other.

Note on these are soon to come in my orange thread.


sweet guava - Cap
honeydew - TPA

either of the two above with yumberry or strawberry

what a tough question here is my most recent favorite pairing but havent nailed it

Raspberry and Blackberry to create Tayberry


One match up I really enjoy is Cap sugar cookie v1, with TFA graham cracker clear!


Have to agree!

FW butterscotch natural and LA butter rum is pretty awesome!


I really love tobacco with another tobacco :wink:


Shisha Golden Apple (Inawera) 2% with
Black Honey (TPA) 1.5%


Mango and cactus work pretty well together, too.


Almost sounds like a down & dirty version of a snickerdoodle.


Custard and, well, other custard or creams. I know that’s weak sauce but i mostly vape custard/cream combos.

Thanks for the giveaway and sorry for the lameness. :frowning:


Hangsen Caramel Toffee & Hangsen Tobacco flavors, yummers!
My goodness the guy in photo looks so serious…like he’s saying ‘do it, do it now fool’.

Edit: I’m such an idiot, I forgot to say thanks to ECX for the opportunity. Thanks y’all! It’s much appreciated. :wink:


It is part of the base of such actually… :laughing:
It’s more that I have found those two in a few of the things I’ve mixed… :wink:


Bread pudding with cream.


Sugar cookie and cinnamon danish swirl