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[Giveaway] VOOPOO New Drag 2/Mini Testers Announced


I am

Looks cool and I’m interested in trying out your temp control because that’s all I use.

can do


Testers Announcement! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: Super excited to announce 6 Testers here to test the NEW Drag 2/Mini. :boom::boom: Everyone entered thank you so much.:kissing_heart:


The testers are:
@cosmic @tbt127 @Laura5 @Vapor_Raven @adary @Sprkslfly

:point_right: Pls PM your shipping info asap ( Full name, address, post code, country, tel number).
:point_right: You’ll receive Drag 2 or Drag Mini randomly.
:point_right:Pls make sure you’ll post review on time, in 1 week after receiving the products.
:point_right: Pls share the review to us so we can know review done. Thanks.


Congrats to all winners


Congratulations to @cosmic, @tbt127, @Laura5, @Vaporraven, @adary and @Sprkslfly, I’m looking forward to reading your reviews.


Grats to @Cosmic @tbt127 @Laura5 @Vaporraven and @Sprkslfly :+1::+1::+1::+1:

Thanks @VOOPOOTech as well :smiley:


Congratulations to @cosmic, @tbt127, @Laura5, @Vaporraven, @adary and @Sprkslfly :tada:
Thank you @VOOPOOTech for the chance to review the new Drags.


Some of my favorite peeps get to do a review. Woo Hoo. !!!


Congratulations to @cosmic, @tbt127, @Laura5, @Vaporraven, @adary and @Sprkslfly :tada:
Thank you @VOOPOOTech
I can not wait to read all these reviews


Congrats @Cosmic, @Laura5, @Vaporraven, @adary, and @Sprkslfly! Hope you all are as excited as I am to review one of these new devices!

Thanks @VOOPOOTech for this opportunity, and I also wanted to point out and say thank you for choosing 6 of our forum members as testers!


Thanks everybody!!! This is gonna be so fun!


Congrats to @Cosmic @Laura5 @adary @Sprkslfly and @VOOPOOTech. Can’t wait to receive this cool setup


Yes, I agree that this is gonna be fun! I think I will enjoy reviewing one of these mods!


Congratulations @adary @Cosmic @Laura5 and @Sprkslfly !


Big Congrads to all of you winners, tbt127, Laura5, VaporRaven, Adary and Sprksfly. This is definately going to be interesting and very cool to read all of your reviews.


I agree. It is a weird approach but maybe it is to see the diversity of all the winners. Writing style and what not.


I’m bummed because @SmilingOgre (Walt) did not get chosen.
Congrats to the winners, we will be looking for unbiased reviews of the device, from all (Total 250) testers.I’m going to wait and get a squonker next :smile:


@Cosmic, @Laura5, @Vaporraven, @adary, @tbt127

Just wanted to ask if any of you guys got an acknowledgement of any kind when you pm’d @VOOPOOTech with your personal information for shipping? Or did it seemingly go ignored like mine did… (Not even a “thank you” to let me know they received the shipping info that they requested)


You probably will receive a shipping confirmation via dhl tomorrow, as well as a link or copy/paste of that number via email/pm.

That’s how it was for me last time, since most of these packages get express shipped. (2day max). All the sudden I got a email saying : " hi xxxx, a package is scheduled for delivery tomorrow " by dhl lol.

Congratulations to all the winners so :slight_smile:


Nope have not heard anything.


Not a peep yet… Probably because it was the weekend… We will probably hear something overnight tonight since their Monday morning is just beginning…