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[Giveaway] VOOPOO New Drag 2/Mini Testers Announced


Lol, Welcome to the weird world of reviewing! Last shipment I got there was no communication whatsoever. One night the doorbell rang and there stood the DHL delivery person with a bag in the dark. I checked the label to make sure it wasn’t from a scary ass werewolf named Amber.


Yea VooPoo hacked your personal info. haha Just-kidding.

When I order from china, i just order and forget about tracking lik normal stuff. then 10-15 days later it arrives.


You expected a touch of class instead of a touch of poo??? Lol


Just got an acknowledgment email an hour ago, that they would email us when it shipped.


Hopefully they’ll be as courteous with a PM in the forum… Especially since they never requested or required an email. :wink:


I got a PM in the forum from Voopoo: Congrats, we will let you know when shipped


Still nothing here… what about you?


Same as you so far.


there are 6 winners? congratulations to you all!


Nothing yet just checked to make sure I sent to the right poeple @VOOPOOTech


Lol…you made me double check this also! I did notice though, that the pm I sent them with my shipping info had only one view on it until I just clicked on it and now it has 2, but having only one makes me think that they didn’t even look at it yet…


I didnt win but I hope I get one also.

I say what-the-heck, as soon as these vendors announce a winner even if you dont win, just PM them your info. One day someone will send you some free $#!7 by accident. :jack_o_lantern:


Dude!!! Funny you should say that.

I got something in the mail the other day That I didn’t purchase nor did I win it. I couldn’t even find out who sent it. A company from China. I finally found out when something I DID win came in the mail, they had the same address and company name. A lot, if not all, of the Chinese companies we deal with, have a parent company and that is the name on the envelope. Anywho, they sent me something by accident. I assume.


I believe it. You cant beat the prices they have just the shipping is wacky.


Speaking of…did you win something from djlsb vape (you tube) I thought I saw your name come up on a winner list. Maybe a month or two ago.


Ok Ill bite, what did you get for free?


Nope, not me. Several other people congratulated me though. It couldn’t have been me unless he put me in the giveaway for telling him he is an idiot. Just kidding. I would like to find out who this other Dan the Man is.

@Freddie3 it was a Vaporesso Orca Solo. I looked all over to see if it was a giveaway prize on the forum here.


I have to agree with this. It’s one thing if there’s some time between the reviews, but the pressure of kicking these reviews out in a week, barely the time to get to know a device… I don’t really value a review for a product that hasn’t been properly tested and we all know before we read it that it’s going to be superficial. Why would I even read the review at all then?
The least Voopoo can do is make sure there’s some variety in the products and give people a bit more time.


it would also be really nice if they would pm us to let us know if they even shipped the device yet let alone have it done by October 31st or a week after we receive it that is certainly not enough time.


I got a reply that mine has shipped!!