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[Giveaway] VOOPOO New Drag 2/Mini Testers Announced


At least it’s not a situation where i paid for something and they are not sending it.

But this situation does strengthen my opinion of voopoo. Not that they will ever care, but i’m definitely not paying for any more of their products :slight_smile:


Hey Adary, that’s a damned shame! Sorry about that friend.


I received the Drag mini. Spent ten minutes trying to figure out how to open the battery door lol. It’s been years since I used an internal battery mod


I hope that gets sorted out. You are one of the winners and you should still get your device. If they don’t make this right that makes Voopoo look like asshats. Bad press for a vape company is not good for long term survivability


In all honesty I already gave up on it. I live in a country that people love to hate for various reasons, and more than one vendor are not willing to ship anything here.

Oh well, It’s their loss :slight_smile: I think that I write semi-decent reviews :smiley:


I did not win mine from ELR. was just sharing I got one.


That sucks they should not hate a country just because. They also should not have a world wide testers request if Voopoo isn’t going to ship everywhere. Dhl delivers nearly everywhere and I looked and DHL does deliver to Israel


Of course it does. All vape shops in Israel use DHL for deliveries since only DHL will deliver li-ion batteries (they are certified for hazardous material air freight to Israel which has some pretty difficult laws for obvious reasons)


My message wasn’t directed at you. I’m sorry if you felt targeted.


Apparently Israel is banning vaping products according to @VOOPOOTech

Considering that our contry has one and only one vaping regulation, and that is a ban on 50mg Juul pods, I find this statement hard to believe.

In any case, thank you @VOOPOOTech for being yourself. You just strengthened my opinion of your company.


Not understanding this one bit. The Isreali reviewer ‘VapersCoil’ seems to be getting all the latest products, Asmodus, Wismec, the Voopoo Too…if it’s not DHL’s new policy, I should think Voopoo should make it right and find another courier or way to ship it too you. Think I’d be pretty angry if I started to see the Drag2 show up in Isreali shops after all this.


Drag 2 is already available in Israeli stores :smiley:

I bet this came with DHL like all imported vaping gear in Israel :smiley:


Did you hear anything else from them


No. Today they are ghosting me. I send a DM during their business hours and got no reply. Quite sure they already wrote me off :slight_smile:


It seems like they never even sent it to you. I do t understand their reasoning. That is total BS.


There are a couple of theories. they did say 4 winners and drew 6. I guess I was the unlucky one who didn’t really win. Or it’s the Bahrain thing and they won’t ship to Israel, or something entirely different.

A friend of mine had something very similar with Smok. He contacted them for promotions (he is a professional photographer) and they promised to send him promo gear. After two weeks of nothing arriving, he contacted them again, and they told him that they can’t send to Israel since Israel bans vaping gear, and they don’t want to break the law. Total bullshit :slight_smile:

Guess this might be a generic ‘go-insert expletive here-yourself’ reply


I receive mine. It’s the same as @Sprkslfly
Mistakes happen, hopefully all you contest winners get your soon!!!
Thanks @VOOPOOTech


which I assume is negative…


Definitely not positive :smiley:


That stinks you being affected by bad decisions from policy makers.

If it wasn’t for those 50mg pods Id never have quit.