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[Giveaway] VOOPOO New Drag 2/Mini Testers Announced


As did I finally. 6 days later.
I think the biggest thing that’s caught me off guard so far is evidently it’s shipping from Bahrain.

Yes. You read that right folks. Not China, not Taiwan, or Hong Kong. Or even the Netherlands.


That’s where I got my stuff from Voopoo as well, nothing to worry about :wink:

I would go prepare and get ready though, find your camera, set up your lighting, book in some free hours for the review and practice on your photo editing software… 1 week is not a whole lot of time you know :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Nothing until you look up what VooPoo means.

urbandictionary.com says
Top definition
The act of vaping and pooping at the same time.

Then these people (gearbest…com) say they are the official site of voopoo

And a who-is shows this provider as the host in Beijing China

Alibaba Cloud Computing (Beijing) Co., Ltd


With Trumps trade war in full acceleration, you’re probably going to be happy it won’t come from China :wink:


I love China’s stuff, if its good enough Apple and other big companies I’ll save also ordering direct.

Same quality guitar strings for $12 a set I now get @ $2.00 a set and so its like bulk 6 sets for $12


OK, nearly everything is produced in China. Bahrain is just where it ships out to customers.
This was shipped from Bahrain too:
It’s a small world when it comes to logistics in a global economy.


Still no shipping notification for me…


I have a tracking number. But Dhl still hasn’t received the package. This was on Thursday at 245pm


Just received a tracking update from DHL, departed Heathrow airport on its way to the States for me. Delivery for me should be Wed or Thurs in the Northwest USA.


Still crickets in my neck of the woods. No word from @VOOPOOTech or DHL or anyone else


I should think we’ll all get ours about the same time, those in europe probably a little faster, coming from Bahrain.


Mine is in Cincinnati OH atm. I should have it end of business tomorrow. It sat for 5 days in Bahrain


According to @VOOPOOTech my shipment returned to sender (which is bizarre) so they want a different address and seem to hint that DHL doesn’t ship vaping gear to Israel (which is not true).

Let’s see how this develops because it sure sounds fishy




Maybe because it’s from bahrain? They might block any mail to Israel?


Exactly what I’m thinking. I would expect @VOOPOOTech to send it from China tho …


Hey Red! Wanna trade? lol
(no, seriously.)


If you had gotten the rare pink, I would have gone out buy it for $103 at my local b&m in blue and trade it with you :rofl: wouldn’t use it but man that rare pink/pastel purple hunts me for the last 2 years already (seen in the old drag but never sold apparently )

@adary I hope you can sort it out with whom ever is in charge, shouldn’t have to miss out on your own :hugs:


I have a feeling that someone else is getting mine. Don’t care really


It’s all a bit of a screwed up thing tbh…
they announce they need 4 testers, they draw 6 and send 5 pieces out, like that makes sense