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And who can we tag how about @chux72vette, @Sprkslfly, @Jazzy_girl, @Saxon2,


Liked on Facebook. Thanks for the giveaway!

@mrneph2 @worm1 @cosmictruth


They said there were going to be 2 winners so you should at least let one other person participate. :wink:
I replied to the wrong person, it should be for @sirgalvid1, that’s what you get when too many people participate :smiley:


Hi guys, if you visit our Facebook,you can find a surprise there. :slight_smile:


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Thank you! Good luck to you!


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the giveaway

@Josephine_van_Rijn @RobynRye @Underanne


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@VapeyMama @louiesquared @Lolly

Bonus Tags
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Thanks for the chance!

@jhmiller @Leilani @Daven @ozo @Bob_Bitchen @Beaufort_Batches


Not sure if this the kind of mod I would use, but…
If it would help a smoking friend get off the nasty cigarette habit that would be cool.
@Underanne @VapeyMama @AZViking


Hello everyone. welcome to check out site www.everzon.com and find out which one you like. I will try my best to make the most popular one as next time giveaway! Thank you and have a nice day.


@Megan1 it is very rare to see mech mods in comps i think it would be a nice thing to have one.


I have one of these and they are great.


Can I get in on this lol Thx for the giveaway! @BoDarc @Tony_the_tiger @VapeyMama @sophisticatedhack I’m really liking the looks of the mod https://www.everzon.com/asvape-michael-vo200-tc-mod.html


Normally wouldn’t bother with a tiny mod like this but with my girlfriend needing one and getting financially screwed every waking moment of our life anything is better than nothing so

@woftam @GalacticResidue @jhmiller


Yes, this one is very popular recently. It touches good. Some client’s say it feels like people’s skin . LoL.


Yes, I like this one too and I will keep in mind to see if I can get one for giveaway.


I’m in on this one also, thanks to @GalacticResidue and thanks to a couple of you who have been patient with me @woftam, @Sprkslfly and a congratulations to @Pattie


Thanks for the tag bro, I’ll miss this one out, give someone else a chance. :+1:
Good luck to all.