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Hi guys, this giveaway is just for the members of this forum. We will have two winners at last!

Find more details from other reviewers

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SHuWjZnUiY Mike Vape
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfXVcHnvLWk Zophie Vapes

How to enter:

  1. Like our Facebook Page and Instagram (Optional)

  2. Tag 3+ your friends in this forum who may need this kit and reply under this topic.

This giveaway ends on 12:00 p.m 2nd. July (HongKong Time). We will announce the winners Next Monday.

Now come on to join! Any problem, please feel free to contact me :slight_smile:

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I’ll start the ball rolling on this one. No Facebook or Instagram so tagging:

@Stafylidis_Vladimiro @Curious_Cappybara @Hasan3


Followed on Instagram


Would love this for my wife, thanks for the chance of winning it
@Dan_the_Man @bluenose63 @Lolly


Followed on Instagram.


Facebook liked and following on instagram


@VapeyMama @tbt127 @Leilani @Ajinkya @SessionDrummer @fidalgo_vapes @TheTinMan1
Thanks for the giveaway, my sister would love this.


@Leilani @MysticRose and @VapeyMama. Its always nice to have a new starter kit to try out!!


Thanks for the giveaway!

And thank you @jhmiller for the tag :grin:

@Grubby @tbt127 @robin @RobynRye @Sprkslfly @Weanlaw @mikelej14 @Laura5


Hello, since this kit is not for me I just hopped in to wish you all good luck! Feel free to tag me if you don’t know who you can tag, and have fun :slight_smile:


@JoJo @Silhouette @Jazzy_girl
Liked on facebook


But if you won you could always use it to get somebody off the stinkies :grin:

ETA this is not an entry :smiley:


What happened? When I entered the contest, this topic had been up for 13 hours with no entries. Mine was to be the first, last and only entry. I even tagged people that probably won’t reply. Obviously there has been a misunderstanding. I need mod powers so I can lock a giveaway topic after I enter it. Now look at all the entries! :wink:


Giveaways Jazzy_girl, are always awesome. It’s the same feeling like when I buy a lottery ticket. “Com’on baby… mamma needs a new pair of shoes and vape gear!”

@fidalgo_vapes @Noresman @SessionDrummer @MisterSinner @Bob_Bitchen @Kinnikinnick @Underanne

Yes I tagged you @Norseman even though you only have eyes for mechs.


I love giveaways. Thank you
@Skullblade789 @RobynRye @MisterSinner @fidalgo_vapes @Saxon2


I love giveaways. Thank you
@Skullblade789 @RobynRye @MisterSinner @fidalgo_vapes @Saxon2


Waves hello


Thank you sweet lady for the tag, though I’ll be sitting this one out (but cheering for ya!) lol


Thank you for all you support. Come on and good luck to everyone.


Liked on Facebook and Instagram! Thanks!