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Good Deals 2018!


I also recived an email stating this. form One on One flavors
Free shipping if you add a bread flavor to your cart.

That’s right we are so excited to introduce our newest addition of flavors. We have just rolled out 5 Bread-Staculor flavors. Sourdough Bread, Squaw Bread, Wheat Bread, Rye Bread & Raisin Bread. Order yours today and receive Free Ground Shipping within the US until
Monday September 3, 2018 11:59PM PST


if anyone sees a GREAT deal on 18650s please tagg me , sony, samsung or lg only please again ty


Samsung 25Rs $4.26 a cell, Free Shipping on orders over $10.
Use code “Vapecheap”


my man … ty


Do u have or know of any w/ experience dealing w/ them? Did see something rare that caught my eye, always wanna be careful these days, specially w/ batteries. Thks


Central Vapors has been around for awhile.
Solid Vender no worries :+1:


What company are you referring to?


u can click the lil reply arrow where she posted, brings up the original that she responded to.


The bread staculor? I love the bread flavors.


One on One flavors


Attention Medicine Flower Fans:

Free Shipping* promotion! Now until Tuesday September 4th!
Use code “LaborFree”
*Domestic Priority Mail only



Thank you so much!




SALE, just came to mail


such a shame they stopped selling selling smaller bottles. I got that email and immediately deleted it and didnt bother posting it here as most people cant use (or even really afford) 16oz of black label SC before it goes bad. thankfully BCF has a pretty good selection of RF SC for when my mini fridge starts running low on RF SC.


All of the black label flavors are offered in 10ml sample bottles for $1.99 in this deal.

If you want to try these black label flavors for $2 and many of their other flavors in 10ml sample bottles then you may want to give the link a look.


Kylim Mini for $11.90


Kylin Mini or Kylin? :wink:


That is the Kylin. I thought it was mini too.
6 dollar shipping though. Might not be great unless you spend 50 dollars for free shipping.


some colors on sale $14.90