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Good Deals 2018!


New year, new threads!

Post all the great deals and coupons you find here! :slight_smile:

Concentrate sale
Ejuice Overstock w/ Free Shipping
Good Deals 2017!
17% off Medicine Flower (ends March 19th)
April Sale
April Sale
Bull City: 20% off of all VT Concentrates To 5-6-18
DIY Vapor Supply now offers free shipping on $75 or more
E liquid Flavour Concentrate - Deal on FA et INW
Medicine Flower Dads and Grads 17% off
CloudHouse Vapors 50% off
50 x 100ml Soft Bottles with Twist Spout for ÂŁ12.50
HELP! Billow v2 sudden wicking issues
3 hr FLASH SALE ejuices.com
New Flash sale at Gearbest

@Nicotine_River 20% off sale ends in 1.5 hrs.



I think your time is off, try 5 1/2 hours bud. :wink:


True that mate! I forgot this is a worldwide forum. 01/02/18 at midnight. Whatever that is :wink:


PST =Pacific standard time. = UTC -8 :+1:


I like the mini and the fulls size dripping with a tank
12 mls of liquid on the full size
39 bucks
Got one 2 days ago is large but i love easy build and durable feels like the mini is great for toting around


@JoJo I feel like you just made a new thread for 2017, just a few short months ago…


I know. I was thinking the same thing when I created it. :rofl: Time flies when you’re having fun, I guess!


Therion DNA 75C $80
Use cupon NEWMFS15 for 15% off!! Brings total to $68!!
Thank me later!:sunglasses:


I seen that yesterday, almost got it than thought do I really need it, not really I have enough mods for a small Army, than I seen this older DNA 200 today 49.00 shipped. Again asked myself the same question I am really practicing restraint. https://localvape.com/collections/sale/products/aimidi-cube-plus
use code NEW30 for 30% off.



Maybe it’s just me, but that isn’t showing up and it doesn’t go anywhere when you click on it? Expired?


:thinking lemme see, thks
it’s just a link but pic should show, up to 85 % off geekvape products e.g tsuanmi rda $6.90usd


Some very good prices there. Hope they have plenty of stock for those interested in buying.


the GeekVape special is great prices…I went there an put 4 atties in my cart…come to find out they dont fall under the free shipping…my order was like say 30.00 but shipping was 22.00 from DHL that was the cheapest…unless I missed some thing

ok went back to check it out again…shippin prices dropped a bit…wonder why…but now I can get postal for 12.00…I think its unfair to charge even if on sale…


This is a great price for a solid bit of kit if you are looking for one.


Awesome price. Have you ever shopped there?


I just did :rofl: can’t walk by a bargain like that the best wholesale price I can get on them is $24 (ft has them for $39)

Never shopped there before now - I do know a few who have and the experience was good. Time will tell, not in a hurry for them so I chose the slow boat shipping.


I had to as well, great price and I was looking to replace my old meter. Thank’s for posting it.


awesome.If I had the cash I would have jumped all over it also. Like you said, couldn’t pass it up