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Good Vibes- Smax Clone (REQ)


A chilled fruity juice with a taste of pineapple, passion fruit, and all things made in paradise!

VG/PG : 90/10

Asking for a friend, I’ve never had it but apparently its the bee’s knees.

There are 4 reviews that exist, kind of scattered for description, Its super sweet and tart, but says it leaves the coils clean, strange.

Was looking at the following:
Hawiaan Punch (TFA) 5%
Golden Pineapple (CAP) 2%
Passionfruit (CAP) 1%
The guy said it wasn’t quite spot on, or not in the field yet but… eh back to the drawing board.

Hope to hear from you!


Just to point out…There appears to be an orange in that photo, but it’s absent from the recipe.


May be getting the citrus from the Hawaiian Punch. This was from TPA website but they don’t name individual flavors in the description.
I have never tried Good Vibes but it looks tasty.

I don’t see anything in this recipe to add the chilled affect. Maybe a touch of WS-23 or another cooling agent. And to be super sweet, I wonder where that sweet is coming from. Especially a sweetener that would not gunk up the coils! Interesting.


I see the spearmint leave but I have Spearmint which i can’t get balanced… i have to ordered some new flavors for it but :slight_smile: thanks for the input to all!