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Great Scale You need this one


Instant response time. Measures as small as 1 drop to 0.001 the thousands. FAST no delay no missed drops not measured. Up to 50ml (edit corrected) MAX. Love that I can see that no drop is created equal and why so many recipes can be WAY- OFF if that poster is using a BAD SCALE. I see the drop range depending on liquid and the dropper on the bottle VARY between 0.015ml to 0.035ml thats a big difference when your trying to get something to taste good or duplicate one of your good creations or making someones recipe when they really have no idea of the precise dose they dropped because their Scale Sux. If your making BIG Batches and 50mg is not enough you can always measure your PG and VG on a different Scale. VG PG is not as important as the Flavor measurements to be precise.

What scale do you use to mix?

I had a 100g scale and promtply replaced with LB-501

50g is enough to mix at max 30ml of juice at a time. Definitely too tedious when you want to mix 250ml of your ADV


Thanks man I’ll look at the LB-501. Glad I ordered 2 Scales the other one is crap lol- it misses weighing the first few drops. Good for PG and VG but not to weigh my small 3ml test batches. )) I always keep notes on the “RECIPE” and what I really “DROPPED” accurate so if its good I can replicate it.


LB-501 seems to be the golden standard for mixers from what I saw. You can recalibrate it, and it comes with two 200g calibrating weights (and a power adapter which is a huge bonus)

It’s sensitive enough to detect your breating (i actually turn the AC off when I mix because it sets it off)


Since I switched to the 501, I’ve never looked back. It is very accurate, has backlighting, and calibrates quickly and easily. I’m not 100% sure who posted this tip, but maybe @CosmicTruth or @SmilingOgre, but if you are adding SMALL amounts of a flavor (maybe 1 to 2 drops) and it doesn’t seem to register when starting from 0, you can add another flavor to the desired amount, THEN, without tare’ing, add the smaller 1-2 drop flavor and the scale picks it up every time.


Just breathe on it when you are at 0.00 (tare’d out) and once it comes back to 0 it will register every single drop


I can relate turn off the AC, yep this one weights your breath also. Dam for under $20 Im very happy. cant stand using the one that miss’es drops. With this one I know Cap bottles drop avg 0.033 TFA bottles at 0.023ml and my gooey bottles drop 0.020ml. So if I need just 0.040 and I dropped 0.039 I know to stop and not add that extra drop which would mess up the recipe. thats why I like the thousands measurement.


Had to have been @CosmicTruth. I’ve noticed that it reacts differently at different times but never posted about it. I’ve just always considered it close enough for who it’s for.


I couldn’t find the post, but I remember when I saw it, I started doing that, and it worked every time. I will have to try @adary’s breathing trick next.


I promise guys it’s FAST up to .001 and never missed a drop. really I just like knowing if I really need that extra Drop. C


Not so GREAT.


Guess this one can work as well

0.001g resolution, up to 300 grams

It all depends how crazy you want to go with your DiY addiction :slight_smile:


This is what I use, perfect up to 30mL for the whole process bottle on scales, or fine for larger batches if you only deal with flavors on it. It actually deals with real wights up to 60 or so g, as long as you tare and do not exceed 50 measured g. A 50ml plastic bottle should be doable.

Small, reliable, and cheap. Works of 2 AAA that lasted more than 6 months.
One downside, you do look like a drug dealer.
There are much cheaper that the 501 scales with similar performance. I have a 0.01x200g but now you can find 0.01*500g for around 10 £/$/€

I also use the milligram scales for measuring stabilizers when cooking. You know, when you just need 0.2g of something.


I agree with the 50mg MAX limit, as accuracy OR speed are great, but if the scale won’t mix the total weights you need to, the above are meaningless.


Well @adary It DOES have a draft shield !!!


For the price of that scale you can get a triade and a T-class :slight_smile:

As I said, all depends on how crazy you wanna go. If i was still single and rich I would probably have 5 of those scales (and a bunch of triades and T-classes :stuck_out_tongue:)


Yea Im not big time or need to make 120ml batches, a dozen (12) 30ml recipes in rotation. Is more then I can Vape for myself. My friends love they get to benefit it also.


@Freddie3 It’s all good brother. Thanks for making the original post, it looks like a great scale. Don’t take me the wrong way LOL, as rule number ONE, in DIY, is use what works for YOU !!! We may all be in the same boat as far as DIY’ing, but we’ve all got our own likes, dislikes, must haves, etc.

When I started out mixing, I was using syringes and beakers (volume) didn’t know any better, but finally took a chance on weight mixing, BUT, made the mistake of getting two very BAD scales. This could have been detrimental to my growth, as I almost went BACK to volume mixing, but thank God, a few ELR’ers talked some sense into me, and I tried the 501 and it’s just worked out too damned good, for how I mix. Every once in a while I have to mix BIGGER than the 501 will play nice with and I have the heavy scale for that. I think scales are just like everything else in vaping, in so much that they may never have every thing, everyone wants, but may have some or a lot. At the end of the day (and I hate that phrase) it’s all about what works for you that matter most.


Both scales have their benefits to be honest. Sometimes if you just want/need a 5ml test batch, to see if your profile works, and using extremely concentrated flavors, the smaller scale has its benefits, because the 501 won’t measure/show/display 0.001 - 0.009% for example - even if you blow/tab or whatever on it.

While when mixing bigger batches with percentage varying from 0.10 - 10% (random number / limit, could be higher lower, just reference) or even 5ml with a higher percentage set, the 501 would/is a better option of course.

Therefore I welcome the shared link, not everyone can afford or is looking for a $3000 fine tuned scale that can be found in a lab, but can read lower than 0.10% lol.

Edit: look at one of the recipes Smokey posts, there’s no way you weigh that on a 501 if you planning on a 5ml tester. If you plan on making a 30ml first, yeah of course that will work then :wink: and of course not everyone mixes low, as well as not everyone mixing high…


Pics below… See small time setup its a utensil draw for knifes forks and spoons. has 5 compartments. It stores and organizes small flavor bottles very well and compact

Thanks eStorm. I agree. Really Im all about making small samples at high precision so if I make a big batch it tastes the same and not horrible. But as you see Im very small time in my set-up only 70 flavors.

I just believe if you make a small test batch (for quality of flavor testing) and it tastes wonderful as a small test sampler. But realistically say it called for 0.040ml-2 drops
and you can only weigh (0.40) but you really dropped (0.039) and you add that extra drop so it shows up on a 0.00 (hundredths scale) as (0.40) it could jump to (0.059) and then when you make a big batch if further compounds the mis-calculation. Then when you taste your 120ml bottle and its nothing like the small test batch, well I guess that would be very disappointing and a hugh waste of Flav, & Nic. thats my only point and as other pointed out not many can afford a $200.00+ scale. So I just want to help other avoiding mistakes and understanding why maybe their small test samples wonderfully and their big batch tastes nothing like it.