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Greetings from HiLIQ (Professional Nic solutions manufacturer & Supplier)


I did a little research on your site :grinning: Very informative website, I must say! You folks go above and beyond what most vendors are willing to do, in regards to educating the customer! Good job there :+1:

More research:

This is what I’d pay to make 1000ml of 100mg/ml nicotine, if I purchased HiLIQ 99.9% nicotine. That’s pretty much in line with most Nic suppliers here in the US. :grinning: For some reason, I was expecting a higher ship charge, but $18 or so isn’t bad.

Couple of questions and scenarios for you:

Can your 99.9 % pure nicotine be put into freezer conditions? I would assume so.

Now, if and when the poop hits the fan here in the USA, with concerns in being able to purchase Nicotine online or otherwise… Is HiLIQ required to state “what’s in the box” shipped from Shanghai?


I just found this code on another forum HiLIQUSVapeShows for free shipping. Now I’m placing an order. @HiLIQ cant we get the same code for free shipping over here?


@Kinnikinnick Thank you for the positive feedback, we are creating new website that will further improve customer shopping experience.
The nic at high density kept inside the fridge stays as liquid, it does not freeze.

We do not have problem shipping to USA so far and all our packages is successfully delivered.

If you need further details for Nic for professionals please send me an email at marc.li@hiliq.com

@juice_junkie_lover yes indeed the coupon code is working and we created it for the last vape shows in USA that we attended and some that we sponsored ( Oklahoma Vapejam 2016 and Virginia ECC) it is still valid and USA addresses could still use it.


*How to properly dispose of your e-liquids: http://blog.hiliq.com/how-to-properly-dispose-nicotine-liquids/
*Please check the tutorial above in order to have some clue on how to properly dispose of your nicotine e-liquid.

*Please let me know if you need any further assistance and inquiries regarding this article and everyone is welcome to share their knowledge and experience regarding this matter.


Super fast shipping! Ordered on the 28th and got today! Thanks! I can’t wait to try these flavors and nic. I’m really excited about the cooling agent!

In case you want to see the color of the nic.


hope you got the pineapple and mango sorbet :grinning:

Share your findings. Happy to see others using hiliq flavors. We’ll have variety of recipes on ELR soon to try. I have a couple public if that helps feel free to try them and comment


I got black chocolate, vanilla bean Ice cream, pineapple, and mango sorbet! I got really tired after work today so I didn’t get a chance to mix anything up. I’m definitely going to tomorrow though. I really want to see how the nic is. If its good then I might order another liter since the shipping is free :smile:


HiLIQ E-Liquid Tutorial 2:Flavor Concentrate Percent (%) Usage


We live in a world full of flavors, figuratively and literally. Flavor Concentrates in general play a significant use in our daily lives, we celebrate it everyday through food and drinks. However, like many others things we consume, we should always keep our limit to its use and avoid extreme dosage that can result to harming our health.


You can purchase HiLIQ concentrate here: http://www.hiliq.com/diy-e-liquids/diy-concentrated-flavors?___SID=U


HiLIQ did it again. order received in 48 Hrs!

thank you HiLIQ team so much. i don’t know how you do it. i ordered Monday and it’s on my door step Wednesday. (i buy from another vendor who also uses DHL Express, but still get orders in 5 days :)) - in fact i ordered something (not related to vaping) from my city and got it in 4 days …

with this order, i’m stocking on some PG, and few of my HiLIQ top favorites that i got addicted to … Vanilla Ice Cream, Pineapple, and Mango Sorbet (in my ADV)… then venturing with new flavors to play with: Peach, Orange, Lemon and couple others. i hope they will be great … I forgot to order Strawberry (sad) - but still have some in my stash

truly appreciate the quality customer service here guys. so a quick note here to say thank you (Marc, Alice and Sarah, and all the rest of the team who i look forward to interact with in future)



It’s official.

Ever wanted to try our concentrates or E-liquides or bases but was hesitant because of the shipping cost well we still want you to try our product and here is the perfect time

We are turning a $1 Dollar Shop this Monday, September 26, 2016 and it will only run for 24 hours.
Invite your friends and loved ones, we are not doing it again sooner so this is your chance!
90% OFF on over 100 items sitewide!

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Wonderful @HiLIQ - i have few items in my shopping cart already :). that i want to stock on.

any more details? limitations? exceptions? is this for shipping only or also the item price. pls share more.


how was the vbic , do you get that peppery taste as people do with the ones here on the market ( tpa , lb , cap etc)


The VBIC was really good. Lucky for me I have never gotten that peppery taste that some speak of. I am, however, one of those people that get dirty sock taste from FLV crunch and few other FLV flavors :frowning:


You can read the rules in English here…



i got that taste from the flv crunch omg what a waste


A few of they’re new flavors have that crunch taste in them too. One off the top of my head is the fried donut. Not trying to take over this thread. Lol


@juice_junkie_lover, that top banner link didn’t open with me before. thank you :slight_smile:

but man, all the items i want are excluded :frowning: i wanted to get some 30ml flavors, 10ml is not cutting it

@HiLIQ, any chance to include the 30ml concentrates in the promo? i mean, saves us ordering 2 or 3 of the same flavor if we have certain favorites… another question, what is the “premium cut” nic? is it 99.9 diluted instead of regular 99% ??

thank you - i’m sure it’s going to be an exciting & busy Monday :slight_smile:


yes mostly 10 ml e-juices and concentrates.

ejuices in 10 ml plastics bottles you could get 20 within 0.5kg shipping cost and around 7 concentrates in glass bottle dripper within the first 0.5kg.

For each flavor you could only order one piece and if you need more it’s gonna be original price.

No we do not have pure one in the promo. we only have 2 bases: 100 ml 100mg/ml and 100ml 72mg/ml




made an order to get some flavors to test … it was hard to hold myself from ordering some nic at this attractive price…
looks like a big day for you guys at @HiLIQ - my order is “processing” for the past many hours, but i’m not in a rush. great to see offerings like this from suppliers to make it easier for us to test the products. well done guys, good luck with the looong queue you’ll get today :slight_smile: and happy Golden Week!