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Greetings from HiLIQ (Professional Nic solutions manufacturer & Supplier)


received my order yesterday morning (shipped Wed, arrived Fri, but DHL choose to deliver Sat morning)

felt like a kid opening a birthday gift (does everyone get this funny rush tracking each order until they receive it - sometimes i think i want to place a flavor order just to get that excitement - big boys toys :)) and hey it was actually my birthday

really regretted not getting more items in the order, or some extra nic to store away - but hey, this was still a sweet deal … :slight_smile:

@HiLIQ, few wishes,

  • next promo, please include 30ml (and larger) flavor concentrates - 10ml don’t cut it for some flavors that i really love and started using all the time:) - i fell in love with pineapple, orange, mango sorbet and peach
  • there are some popular flavors that are not on your list - can your engineers look into producing them? dragon-fruit, marshmallow, Honeydew (not melon), and Mandarin to name a few
  • can you make more “sorbet” flavors - i love the Mango Sorbet, and if it’s that good, can you offer others using the same “base”: like Orange Sorbet, Lemon Sorbet, Blueberry, Strawberry, Honeydew

maybe a special promo for ELR members in the future??
overall, keep it up … thanks for the birthday gift :slight_smile:


I have a package on the way and I received a phone call the other day from FedEx asking me questions about my “glycerin”. They were wondering if there was nic in it and if I also had flavors ordered. They also asked if it was coming directly from the manufacturer or not. They then asked me if it was going to be for ecigs or personal use. Now think about how you would answer these questions and most likely I answered them the same way. She told me that it was just protocol and they were doing this for the FDA and that I should have my package Monday or Tuesday and that my package had not even hit the US yet. What a mess!


i hear you - i stopped using FedEx at the first order from HiLIQ few months ago. they messed it up, after the package arrived, it was too many phone calls later and customs shipped it back to seller because Fedex mishandled it. i paid the courier costs to get it sent again to me with DHL. since then it’s DHL although it’s a bit more costly.
i don’t know about the US/FDA but i felt FedEx is so fussy and i felt they get too paranoid with these shipments - and it’s not worth it. when i order flavor from US, it’s also DHL even of it takes longer to get to me.


Thanks for that information! I will definitely not use FedEx again.


Wow! I just mixed up some mango rice to try out. Its amazing! I did this

Mango FLV- 2%
Cream Fresh FA- 0.6%
Rice Hiliq- 4%


Hey guys! we wanna do our first game game in ELR forum, what you guys think of it ?
share your thought and ideas and see who’s idea can be picked :smile:


Great idea! I know people would appreciate the quality of your nic if they would give it a try!


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Wish I could justify an order but I’m overstocked on everything as it is already. I’ve been very happy with you guys.


maybe some of our new products and aromas? :slight_smile:


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Hello Dear ELR forum members,

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Coupon code “hiliqelr” is not valid.

Marc Are there any current coupons for nic? I am just looking to try some of your products



Ordered and payed for 4 litres of 200mg Nic from Hiliq. I also ordered several flavors to try. I payed for a couple 100mls of flavor a few 10mls. I emailed them and they responded that they could only send 2 litres at a time because of customs. We agreed that 1 Litre of pure nic would be sent instead of the 4litres of 200mg. I agreed and reminded them to please not forgot to also send my flavors. A 30$ refund was also agreed upon but is to be applied to my next order. Long story short. The nic came and NO FLAVORS. As far as my 30$ credit i have not attempted to contact Hiliq about the credit or what happened to my flavors. I have dealt with getting f#×%#d by Aliexpress before and hate qetting hosed. I contact Hiliq and they are saying that the 4L I paid for plus all the $ for the flavors is equal to 1L of Pure Nic? I have asked that the flavors i ordered be sent and that they would count as the 30$ credit. Waiting for a reply:(


Damn - oh well it is a bit late now lol i just ordered.

I hope my expirence is better than yours. But it has to be better than NN who back in November promised me msds sheets for some of their stock sweeteners and acids - 8 emails later (same reply to each we will send them as soon as the chemist has them complete he is working on them now) I still have nothing and the package - including the quick wicks I ordered has since been destroyed by Australia Post Shopmate. So after throwing $50 into the wind I will never dealt with NN again.


I just emailed at asked that the flavors i ordered be sent and i even said they will count as my 30$ credit! More than fair. I also informed him (Ryan) that i would speak of my complaint on this forum on their thread. I hate thinking i have been taken. All is fair in love and war right?


@mixologist13 Hello ,

Thank you for reaching out to us. and we sorry for the inconvenience that this misunderstanding brought to you.
I inquire from Ryan regarding your case and he told me the same same story you presented here with the changes on the original products ordered and also the extra money you still have with us.
Because of the particular shipping method from 1kg to 2kg max we have for canada due to our experience and tight restrictions with canadian customs.We offered you assistance on how to receive your package without problem and we are glad that you could receive it without being held in customs and regarding the extra flavors concentrates we could not add them into the package to avoid any setback during the delivery process.

Ryan should be getting in touch with you ASAP regarding your case and we hope that the matter will be resolved quickly.
And thanks again for the feedback, that motivate us more to provide our customer a more clear communication and assistance in the future.

@woftam I just checked with our IT and the coupon code has been fixed, as you know we have upgraded our website in 2017 in order to provide a better platform to our clients.
Thanks for the continuous support

Hiliq- items ordered not sent. Loss(t) in translation