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Greetings from HiLIQ (Professional Nic solutions manufacturer & Supplier)


I generally order a majority of my supplies from nicotineriver, however I received an email from them saying they will no longer be able to ship nicotine over 40mg/ml strength, and some flavorings, by air anymore, only ups ground. Due to some new rulings the faa had made or something… Would this effect orders from you at all?


Thank you! I have spoken with Ryan and he explained to me the details of the order and why the changes that were made. I have opted for the 30$ refund to be returned to my Paypal account.


Smart move lol


Hi We met at ECC! Great stuff!


I’m so glad it worked out for you because I’ve been so happy with hiliq nicotine! It’s so clear compared to some US vendors that I’ve bought from. I really want to order more here soon for my stash! I’ve just been waiting on a sale. I was also trying to get my vacation over too :smile:


Yes the nic i usually get had a slight pink hue upon recieving it and that would darken over time, that is before i figured out the freezer thing lol. The Hiliq pure nic was slightly yellow and after dillution sown to 200mg is only very very slightly yellow. Not sure if this is good or bad as in still using my old batch up. Your comnent gives me confidence it will be clean taating though :wink:


just throwing in my 2c that nic from hiliq is great quality, ships to australia, and has been highly reviewed on aussievapers forums. good job guys.


@HiLIQ any sales coming up soon?


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@HiLIQ can you please stock your rice flavor in bigger bottles? I only see it available under 30ml and smaller.


@juice_junkie_lover We can sell it in bigger bottles , please let choose any single flavor in the bigger bottles and let me (Marc) a comment to change it to rice flavor concentrate and i will be notified and will arrange the changes. you can also send me email at marc.li@hiliq.com after placing the order.


Great! Thanks! I placed my order and emailed you last night. Thank you :slight_smile:


Thank You @juice_junkie_lover everything has been taken care of :+1:


Hey I got a nicotine base 100mg pg from hiliq i was wondering where the best place was to preserve it I have it in the fridge at the moment but was wondering if the freezer would work better? Thanks.


How much did u buy? I usually buy a liter. I shake really good and put it in amber glass bottles with phenolic caps. I usually break it down into 120ml bottles. I make sure I keep shaking my nic after every bottle to avoid hot spots in the nic. I usually keep a 60ml bottle on my mix desk. I will grab a bottle out the freezer and bring it to room temperature. Then I’ll fill up a 60ml with a phenolic cap and put the rest in the freezer. I try not to leave out more then I’ll use in a 30-60 day period. Hope that helps.


I bought a 1 Liter and 100mls. The 1 Liter is in a plastic bottle and the 100ml is in a glass bottle… You think it would be worth what your doing putting it in 100ml amber glass bottles or glass bottles? Is there much difference? awesome heaps of help thanks :slight_smile:


I’m so sorry I just saw this. How terrible I feel :frowning: hopefully you are still around.

I think it helps putting them in amber glass bottles to keep the freshness. I use 120-240ml size bottles with phenolic caps. The amber ensures that no extra light gets through and the Phelonic cap keeps the air out. The glass keeps anything from going into it unlike plastic. Just my thoughts. There are other threads on different forums that explain this in greater detail. It works for me so I keep doing it. When I run out of nic I just pull a bottle out of the freezer and let it thaw. I keep about 120ml in my mix room at all times. Hope you are still around and enjoying the nic you bought from hiliq!




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