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Hand check (what you vaping on today)


3 very different setups today, common to all … The flavour.

In the curtains:

… Bust-a-Nut @Alisa
… Strawnana Italian Custard (inspired by @Ken O’Where
… Yumberry-Kiwi Custard (SthrnMixer Original)


I took my HCIGAR to France for a little Vapecation …just hand checking in. Four freshly prepped Joyetech Ultimo tanks with ceramic coils on my Vt167 (DNA250) for the week.

In Paris at the Louvre Courtyard …while taking all these pictures posing with my Mod, the people around were looking at me like I was holding something ominous, so these photos were taken at great personal risk :wink:

Inside the Louvre feeling a little fuzzy looking at all the Art with a tank of Bananas Foster - Real Flavors (no I didn’t vape inside the Louvre! :sunglasses:

When in Paris it’s romantic to take your vape on a scenic riverboat tour to see Notre Dame

and the Eiffel Tower at sunset (OMG back to the Suite, the tank she is almost dry!)

At Normandy Beach D-Day Memorial with a tank of old faithful (but new!) Unicorn Milk - Real Flavors …Thankful tears for a Faithful and Heroic generation that lost much, but saved us all :pray:

At the Cancale Oyster Pier as the tide came in …the freshest oysters pair well with a tank of Sugar Rush

The Clos Lucé where Leonardo DaVinci spent his last days …and I spent the day with a tank filled with @Ken_O_Where’s most delicious Butterbeer …so that’s two Geniuses! I wonder what Leonard would vape?

Oh wait… I thought I was on Facebook :rolling_eyes: …nevermind


Epic! :raised_hands: :smile:


How is this? I have it in my cart for the next sale/order.


Is made with multiple Real Flavors SC… …needs a little tweaking. You can follow me for when I publish and give some credit where due. …changed alot over two weeks steep.


Cool. FYI they have a single Bananas Foster SC flavor now


Best post ever my man, you win the day! …thank you :wink: :ok_hand:


Freaking awesome, dude!


LOVE those pics! Paris is my most favourite city in the world - hope you enjoyed yourself :+1::smiley:


BoDarcs Romantic Vape Getaway… :laughing: awesome



@JoJo a possible merge with this thread please


Got it coverd


First real Vape mail we’ve had in ages, Gifts to us from family

Wismec ES300 Exo for me and a
Vapresso Nebula for wifey.


Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200 with the Ammit RTA and sweet Peppermint.



That’s a sweet setup!


At work with the Dynamic Duo


Arctic Dolphin Arthur the 2nd (falling apart) with the SMOK TFV12 RTA with a single coil.


Dead Rabbit on the Luna Squonker. Awesome combo :fireworks: