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Hand check (what you vaping on today)


You guys, got some links to have a closer look at this tank. Always on the look for very good rat’s.


I picked up a couple of G4 decks for $3 and have used one so far. Even better flavor.


What RTAs do you have besides the Ammit, Engine and that 24K gold trick that I can’t remember the name of at the moment?


None, sort of. I use the RBA deck in a couple of protank4’s. The rest you are on the money.


Do any of them have a wick ring like this?


No none like that. What you thinking?


It will just be a different wicking style. Not far off from the engine but slight differences.

Look at the Smok TF-RTA. Try to get both the G2 and G4 deck. They are interchangeable so you don’t have to get two tanks but if you can find them for $5.95 I would grab a couple. You can also look at the Griffins by Geek Vape. When you get one or the other or both, let me know.

Overall flavor the G2 and G4 are awesome.


Oh I just had a look at them online. Farout the g4 is an interesting little unit. They don’t appeal to me quite don’t press my buttons. However looking into the Griffins they lok cool. Just watched some reviews I like them.

There seems to be a few versions. I’m liking the look of the plus edition. Is that the way to go for them? G2 or G4 is on my listbut not at the top is the way I’d put it. They give me a feel like the protank4 and that’s my least favourite of my tanks. They are good, the others are better. Big thanks, the griffin has excited me. Pugs got me onto the ammit so if it’s close to that for quality and design I’m a happy man.


iJoy Exo RTA aboard the Hcigar VT75


Its feeling a bit like a Whiterose Lipo PWM Temple RDA fresh centipede coil & bacon Lemonilla Cheesecake kinda day today…breakfast of champions :sunglasses::ok_hand::smiling_imp:


There is nothing wrong with the Griffin tank. I like mine. But even the G2 deck has better flavor than the Griffin. The G4 deck blows both of them away.

Your call. But when you get the Griffin let me know.

ETA: the protank 4 isn’t in the same ballpark as the G2, not even in the same league, same city. Two totally different levels of vape. You know an RBA doesn’t compare to an RTA.


So it’s not an RBA it sort of looked like one. Cool I’ll keep it for later. Griffin first, just to clarify which one is the 25 plus the go. Thanks.


Whiterose Custom mod with Geekvape Eagle tank and some yummy (well aged) Bust-a-Nut


Not one of my better pics but

On the left

VT133 Lemo tank .31 SS316L 24g single coil with RF VG Apple Pie 14% ----- RF VG Cinnamon toast 6% 2 week steep 100% VG

On the right

VT133 Kayfun V5 .46 SS316L Clapton 26g/38g single coil with RF VG Chocolate Milkshake 16% 100% VG Shake and Vape


What juice is that ? Never heard of it… :smile_cat:


Single coil Sunday


Cloupor Mini plus with my NET of Black Cherry pipe and my Dripbox 160w with Strawberry Biscuit mix.


HW G2 and Theorem
WhiteRose and Cloon LP
Fuchai 213 and Engine


Goon clone & RX200s

26AWG 3x Twisted SS coils @ 0.13 ohm and Jam On Toast flavour juice (my favorite so far)


Good morning from Greece, nothing special here…

Juice / DIY Soho FA 12% VG-PG 70-30