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Hand check (what you vaping on today)


@Chrispdx I DO like the number 5. :wink:


Switching up. … … … thanks @Whiterose0818



Uhm…are you trying to make everyone jealous or what?


Dammit @SmilingOgre You said the Stereo OgreVision wasn’t going to be installed till next month !!!


Whenever I put two Paras in the same picture, something always catches on fire.


Those are my almost twins. Ones a 75 and the other a 250. We’re working together to compare TC and replay.


I don’t have any 250C’s yet, and would be interested to hear your OGRE take on the replay. Meaningful addition, or nothing new.


It’s new. It does what it is advertised to do. Regarding “meaningful”?; that is a personal decision. It is not TC. TC as you know gives you that long consistent temperature vape. Replay truly is a VW mode. So, you do what you always do with VW. Start low and work up. You find the right power setting for the atty/juice. Then as you vape along your atty warms up and at some point you get a “best hit”. With replay after that “best hit” you press save and you will get that hit or something extremely close to it (same to my perception) on every hit afterwards. It was great at rehearsal the other night. Put it down and work on a song for awhile. Between songs grab it for a quick vape. Just like it never cooled down. Looking at the last puff info in the information menu, that mod hit that thing with a lot more wattage than I had the mod set to. It was compensating for a cold atty. I’m not going to throw out all my other mods, lol, but I am enjoying the mode.


@SmilingOgre I think you just sold me on it Sir.


The other thing I like is that it also has TC mode. There are times I just want that long slow even temperature draw. Oh, and last bonus, in both TC and replay it protects against dry hits.


One other quick note, Obviously Escribe is planning to release replay on the DNA75C. Knowing how the function boosts wattage the extra available wattage in the 250C could become necessary. The thing wants a fairly substantial overhead. Something worth considering.


Interesting point, and I wonder how they will implement that in the 75.


Yup, me too.


My Smok ProColor and my Sense Herakles RTA w/ dual tri-twisted stainless steel coils.



Red VS. Blue today :wink:


The trio …
Can’t seem to be happy with just one juice today. So, I’ve got
some Bust-a-Nut, some Virgin Blackberry Pina Colada by Tartaruspawn, and some DaMomma’s RY4 Delight goin in these guys today.

I really need to go mix, but I’m being lazy this evening. :stuck_out_tongue:


im vaping on my smoant cylon with my kylin mini, cant hand check because no camera but trust me its delicious but leaky! ill figure out how to get the wicking right one day!


Think Vape Finder 250c with the Churchill Oscuro RTA.