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Hand check (what you vaping on today)


@Whiterose0818 Came home from work and felt like putting together a big build and blowing some big clouds. Quad 16 wrap 24 gauge N80 around a 4mm in the 30mm Mason on top of a WhiteRose. After the smoke alarm went off I got banished to the garage.


That is a bad ass build and on top on one of the most beautiful mods.

I think I told you at the time you got it that I was glad you did because I had been giving it a hard look…now I’m kinda jelly, lol.


Couple of Priests & Dreamers coming out to the office with me today to deal with the torrential rain. :innocent:


I can’t just use one anymore. Sometimes I need more than 2.


Always use two !!! And YES, that is a CARTO in the Phiniac Nude tank riding an eLeaf 30w !!!



My Vaporesso Switcher, which is originally made so you can buy different casings.
I decided it would be better if I made my own casing in leather. In the tank there is some Craft Vapes (Cherry Jubilee). I know, I know , it’s bought e-juice and I’m sorry:blush: but I’m not planning to throw away the last of the juices I bought.


i just have to say, that is really cool, well done!!


I like that. I mean, I REALLY like that!!! Here’s the image: I’m on the bike, rollin through Rifle Colorado. Pull into a local restaurant and have a vape on the way in as I’m tappin the dust off my boots. Priceless!!!


I don’t know if it’s big enough for Ogres but maybe sitting on a saddle like this?

Glad you like it :smiley:


Stop boasting you fool…ok, ok, sorry to get off topic :zipper_mouth_face:


OMG!!! That would put a smile on any ogre’s face!!! Absolutely the sweetest saddle I’ve ever seen. Oh hell ya!!!


Man, I can’t gush about that enough! That is some rustic class! Billionaire rancher stuff there. What a statement!


perhaps in a few days, not entirely happy for finished steampunk, need leather laces…i said laces,


This has been my morning rotation, stepped it up from two. :rofl:


matchy matchy Rage mod & Dead Rabbit :smiley:



Athena, sith, some reg. device i dont care to know, chuckle and the obvious, very nice


55.5 eh? Now you just need the ohms to be 0.55


Once I got the sith, my first mech, I don’t care for the reg. device either. I think that will be the last one I get. No more regulation. :crazy_face: