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Hand check (what you vaping on today)


@SmilingOgre, Well Razzle Dazzle. Once I installed some SS Ogre Dental Floss, I have a NEW option !!!


I’ve found that Titanium gives me the most consistency in TC/Replay. I imagine it’s because range of resistance is so large. I’ve also noticed that I don’t experience the ‘break-in needed’ flavor from new coils to the extent that I do with SS. Having said that, SS316 still comprises the bigger part of my wire stash…


Got one of my Therion 75Cs with an Enthion clone vaping Icy Razz (DIY)


I did laugh as I read this, because just like any other guy, the :package: with the instructions got prolly thrown out :wink: there’s a tiny card that lists all working wire types in replay.

But I’m glad you finally have a “new” option to play with! Good Job.

Do you like it better ?


Alright!!! OuRah! Well? Isn’t it tits?


I have almost bought one of those sooooo many times. I have a few older Therions and I love the feel. Don’t know exactly why, but better than the Paranormal. Is that the African Select? Looks fantastic!


Not really in my hands when I took this pic but this was my carry today



A LV Therion DNA75C with Kayfun 5 Squared - minimizing the fuel-stops today. :wink:


Someone needs a polishing session… :smiley:


In my eyes, that looks real, got character, let that naval brass age with beauty !!


I’ve moved up in size a tiny bit during my recent absence …


That’s a bad ass mod!




    September 28

That’s a bad ass mod!

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    September 28

I’ve moved up in size a tiny bit during my recent absence … [20180527_200944]

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Stealth vaping at work on some 5 month steeped Fruit Punch (Gmix). Still as clear as day 1, but taste much much better at 5 months.


My only and wonderful gen 3 dual. In my hand as a native, very comfortable.


I forgot how good it was to have many devices on the go. :rofl:


Oh I am hitting up a new toy and loving it

Vaperz cloud 11:11 with the Xtension stack and the 30mm top section with the new Buddha 4.1- such a sexy deck ( @G-Fog don’t say the last bit with your New Zealand accent it will just sound wrong).

Hits harder than a drunken uncle.

To describe it as violent is an understatement


Haha yeah it sure would :joy: especially when you say you’re “hitting up a new toy and loving it”
That sure looks like a mean piece of kit though. :+1:


@marsh855 Especially when one’s a SteamCrave !!!