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Hand check (what you vaping on today)


That’s my first rdta and I’m already thinking of getting another SteamCrave, glad I got the 20ml extension.

I went through the 10ml in a matter of hours, love it and it’s been a day.


Once you go down that path youll end up having a steamcrave at hand for every device. Experience talking, gotto have them flavors with identical setups :rofl:


Tell me about it! I’d always been going down the squonk path, but my eyes are now wide open to a new world.


Going a little old school by breaking out the Incubus.


I used to be a squonker, but then I found these:


The 3avape Cut deal arrived today w/ Tauren. Really likin’ the mod. TC works tho am kinda newbie to TC so not sure if the temp is perfect and can’t find any complaints so far. They did send the wrong Tauren but always loved the black/red crackle and looks pretty damn good on it.


well worth mentioning if u get the mod it comes w/ 2 mod protectors. They are in the bottom of the box and since they are clear you may never notice. Do yourself a favor and mark them w/ paint or whatever so u can see the mofos. I spent good 5 mins. looking for one i dropped on the rug!


Ooooorah @marsh855, “There can be only ONE …”


Highlanders squonk now? cool


That’s what I’ve found out!

Already thinking I might need 7 of them for good measure. ONE for each day.:rofl:


I do believe you may be stepping on @SessionDrummer toes lol


Gtrs v boy (used a wire brush to get the black paint off) topped with twisted messes 22 with dual twisted 24gauge 316L 0.23ohms… Vaping some cookie butter. mmmmm

Edit. Extra delrin chuff cap that comes with the rda fits snug inside the metal chuff for heat dissipation and reduced spit back


@Cutlass92 “forced” me to open one of my Christmas presents early today… And I LOVE it!!!

QP Fatality… This thing is delicious! :heart_eyes:


Loving mine too. One note of caution… Be mindful of the little o-ring on the top cap that goes between the chimney and the drip tip to seal the top. It is easy to knock out and lose. I did, and didn’t realize it until I was investigating a mystery leak-out.


I’ll keep a look out for little bugger!! Thanks!!


You got the black one so it’s harder to see probably. I don’t know why I can’t seem to find the proper way to describe the location… If you twist off the top cap, look under it (the part where it mates to the rest of the atty). There’s an o-ring there in the center that is simply resting in a groove, not at all tightly. Unbelievably easy to lose that damned thing. The only complaint I have on the beast so far.


It’s the o-ring that seals the chimney. And that portion of the atty is stainless.


I see it!! I’m glad you mentioned that, because I would never have noticed it. @Cutlass92 is the hardware guru over here. He still does all my coils and wicking… I’m such a child! :joy:


Wismec Predator with a key Solomon version 1 RTA


Smoant Cylon with Digiflavor Siren V2