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Hand check (what you vaping on today)


Ooops, :blush: Geekvape Ammit


What kind of coil are you running in it?


Geekvape Twisted Clapton .6ohm


I’m using 60pg/40vg liquid and it hasn’t leaked, I have had no dry hits, chain vapes fine, flavour is just insane.


Vaping on a re-wrapped Alien (first time I’ve done it so be gentle lol). Gotta test later whether the outline does glow in the dark as specified :+1:


Very nice job Lolly!


Grub, do you have an RDTA like the Limitless, Avacado, or Theorem? If so, how does the Ammit compare on flavor?


The only RDTA I have tried is the Apepal and it’s not great.

I have a KF5 clone and I would say the flavour is on par with that, immense…


A very “hearty” flavor…




Whoa there, what am.i looking at. Fuck sake not another tank to go on the wishlist. Looks nice. Details please?


That’s the Lost Vape Efusion - DNA 200 mod and SMOK TF-RTA G4 built with 26ga 316L quad coils. Resistance is 0.12 ohm. Running 520F and 96w. In the tank - 80/20 single flavor FA Glory @ 2%, 1.5mg nic. Ummmm, I think that’s all. Oh - a cheapy ss/glass drip tip from Fasttech. :thumbsup:


My morning hand jobs, a Coilart Azeroth (very nice but not the all time best) and a desire Angry Pup (or Mad Dog) pretty good, almost on a par with the goon, and a shedload cheaper


A mad dog on top of a mad mod. Those ET Aliens look insane. I bet you feel like a light sabre might come vhooping out at any moment. Toot Toot.


Wismec Theorem.

Filling issue resolved.



Lazy Sunday afternoon with WhiteRose and the Goon LP.


how you findin the LP man, got mine the other day, same colour, I think it’s awesome, amazing flavour :ok_hand:


Compared to the original Goon i think it is a disappointment flavor wise. And lets not talk about the cramped build deck.


I seen a clone on gearbest. Any idea if that’s any good?