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Hand check (what you vaping on today)


That’s twice you beat me to it in the last hour or so lol


Just lucky i guess :laughing:


Lucky for me probably. Could have just saved me some money


If you want a clone that you’re gonna like flavor wise and to build i would tell you go with either the Reload or the Apocalypse or you get both. The original Goon is also a really good choice.


I gotta admit, the space between the posts concerned me but no…I’m lovin it, your mouth is closer to the coils so the flavour is awesome, It’s not as good as the Goon but it’s still awesome, It’s bound to be a cramped deck it’s so small :+1:


The original goon is way too expensive. I’ve never really used drippers so I’d be interested to try it out.


I think 528customs made a dud this time around. The LP is never gonna become that popular.


as the Goon?..no wayyy, not even close, @DrChud I got the Goon clone and I use it daily it’s amazing, think it was about 12 quid lol


It is available as a clone too and i did mean original as the first not LP. When i don’t talk about clones i normally type out authentic :+1:


It needs a spit back guard. I have blisters everywhere. Flavor is good. Wasn’t the most pleasant experience building on it.

I got to do something with this flaming dragon spit that is tearing the roof of my mouth and tongue to pieces.


Have you tried to make the cotton tighter in the coils? If it is a tiny bit loose it will spit. Make it snug and then a bit snugger :smirk:


have you got the coils too high? like Fenrir1 said the wicking can do that, you want em tight enough so that you can still move then but with resistance, the liquid will swell them, I have some tops that spit like mad, the Messes was like that with me but I have to admit I haven’t had it with this, not out of the tip anyway…the only issue I have had with this is that the thread makes it sit so the air flow isn’t side to side so one of the vents is on your chin and the other is under your nose lol, so I have had a couple of pops out of them.


I may add more cotton but it’s pretty snug. It may be the wire.

I’m using just a simple dual coil 28g kanthal, 9 wraps each, spaced @0.52 ohms. The wire heats super fast at 20 watts. Could that be it?


I turn my mod in a direction where the vents are no where near my snozzle or chinny chin chin. Blisters in the mouth are bad enough, lol.


Could be it. Have you tried it with a clapton? I did put a 22/32 2.5 ID in it and had no issues with spitting. Only lack of flavor compared to other RDA’s i use regularly.


possibly, a quick ramp up might make it sizzle, these ohm at 0.11 on the duel, currently at 84w, seems to like it, ramp up isn’t instant but it’s only a second maybe, nice warm vape :ok_hand: plenty of flavour


just feels weird holding it side on lol…but yea it’s what I have had to do…I keep forgettin tho lol


Thats the beauty of using a tube mech, you can easily get the air holes to the side without it being weird in any way :laughing:


On the PWM with the Sony VTC5a I don’t want to go that low. Prefer to stay at .32 or higher.

What’s that ohm out at?


very true lol…however I’m on the G2…so it’s like holding a paving slab in front of your face…