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Hangsen menthol


Hi everyone
My mother in love smoking hangsen menthol e liquid.
She asked me if can I made same e liquid for her!
I never diy menthol e liquid before I also doesn’t know if any other flavour has in it but my mother in love said nothing in it only menthol.
I will be a pricated if you guys can help me this way
Best Regards


I found 3 Hangsen Menthols in the ELR Flavor Database, no recipes are shared.



Thank you so much


Thank you so much but I need a recipe


If she says it’s only menthol then try mixing it at the Average mixing quantity: 2.8% (Median: 2.5%), then adjust if needed

Menthol (Hangsen)
Percentages in recipes
Average mixing quantity: 2.8% (Median: 2.5%)
Minimum used quantity: 2%
Maximum used quantity: 5%

Click this link below, then scroll down and read the reviews.





Thank you so much that’s really helpful