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Happy 3 Year Forumversary, ELR!


Ditto! I did the same on June 2, 2015! Happy Anniversary ELR! Thanks @daath for having the vision of what you wanted to create for vapers all over the world and making it happen! You have touched so many lives in ways that go far beyond vaping, and I am eternally grateful for it!!!


Damn! Time flies! :smiley:


Indeed it does! ELR was about the first forum ever, to which I subscribed… it has served me well! :grinning: Many happy returns of the day!


i believe i was watching a youtube show called vaping ladies they were reviewing the LB starter kit ( which was my first purchase) and while nothing was working i remembered they suggested a website with a calculator so i had to go back and find that video and rewatch then i heard ELR so i used the calculator and then eventually realized there was so much more to ELR and the searching for help stopped i had finally found what i needed


Happy Anniversary ELR, and again, thank you and Well done! to Lars!

Like others, there’s a lot of places that one can go, but NONE have had the charm, or wealth of quality information, and contributors that ELR had to offer, all “under one roof”.

That pretty well sums up my experience and history as well. I still read tons here. So much so in fact that I’m pretty sure I’ve broken the forum “trackers” (or the oldest tracked fall off once you hit the cap) because I’ve found myself reading threads that I KNOW I’ve read before (because it takes me to the first post, and it all seems familiar, and then I’ll find something I’ve posted in the thread). :laughing:

Also learned a lot from members who joined around the same time as myself (and marvel at their advances, and share in their success -so happy for them!) as well as many of those who’ve followed!

This site and the original atmosphere continue to live, grow, and draw like-minded wonderful people from all corners of the globe! And I think I love that most of all. This “big old world” isn’t as large as it may sometimes seem. I love that borders can be broken on sites like this!
I only wish we had more like it, in other areas. Maybe then more of the majority will start to see, what we’re so fortunate to see.


Me too 3 years ! and 4 years and a month off the smokes. It’s been great learning and getting to know so many fabulous folks here. Thanks @daath and the mod squad @JoJo @Ken_O_Where plus all the new mods I appreciate all you guys do muah !


I stumbled across a site which promoted a mix calculator, ejuice I think?
Then found here.
Couldn’t believe the openness,friendliness and unselfish help given by the folks here that I very rarely dip my toes elsewhere!
ELR really does feel like one big happy family!


That it does. Joined May of 2015 and all I can say is it is hard to believe it has been that long ago.

I have received so much help and inspiration from others on this site. Words can not express how much it has meant to me to be a part of it.

I know I have not posted recently but I do stop in and read some from time to time.

We have had a lot going on for the past year and I have just not had time to sit at the computer but you have all been in my thoughts and prayers.

There are way to many folks on this site that deserve a shout out for all the help and support I have received to mention everyone but I do want to thank you @daath for creating this place that so many really cool people have come to think of as there home on the internet. Congrats Sir on a job well done.


You’ve been missed. Take care of you and yours and best wishes in doing so. We’ll be here.:hugs:


Mee Too… Dilly Dilly!!!


You have meant a great deal to the ELR family as well! I hope things are ok for you sir!!!


Life has been good for us lately. Just very busy. It has taken us over a year to settle the Father-In-Laws estate ( government red tape and BS hoops to jump thru) and once that was FINALLY over we started doing a lot of work on our property to improve it.

Thanks for the kind words my friend and you have been one of those that have meant so much to me along the way.

God Bless


My join date was on the Feb 4th 3015 as well lol


I feel old enough as it is.:grin:

Great seeing you post @wvsanta !


Next month is my 3 year anniversary on ELR. Tomorrow it’s 3 years since I started vaping.
It went very fast for me, first a cigalike, then an ego and when I saw people chucking clouds on Youtube I wanted to find out how they did that.
Got some gear and learned how to build a coil and one guy on Youtube was talking about making your own liquid and mentioned he posted his recipe on ELR.
Had a look, found the forum and the rest is history :woman_shrugging:

Happy anniversary to everybody else and of course @daath and ELR and may many years follow. :balloon: :revolving_hearts:


Dilly Dilly !!!