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Happy 3 Year Forumversary, ELR!


I received a notification for my forumversary today, i am pretty sure i jumped on board at the beginning so i am wondering if today is the anniversary of the forums as well.

What say ye?

EDIT: Pretty sure that today is the, public, 3 year anniversary for the forums. Thanks to everyone who has joined along the way. :slight_smile:


It’s @alisa’s today too…so I’d guess YES! :tada::tada::tada:


It wasn’t a forum until you joined anyway, so sure! /end obligatory moderator praise


I got my year notification today!


How long has the forum been in existence?
I’ve been here for 2 of those years


Feb 2015 I think? :thinking:


I joined in December of 2015


We have discussed this before and im sad to say that i have unremembered, again… :frowning:


After auro-scrolling for a long while my first post was February 8th, 2015 and a signup of February 5th, 2015. So i am thinking it was right around that time that the forum opened so im going to change the tittle.


I joined Jun 19, 2015 coming up on 3 years for me. Seams like yesterday.


Yesterday was my 3rd year. Damn if time doesn’t just fly!!!


FFS, mine says Feb 4th too, seems i aint getting much right today…


So how did you find this place?

I was a redditor as was Lars, i heard him mention the possibility of ELR adding forums so i kept my eyes open. I wanted a new place to hang my hat as the old one wasnt my thing. When he announced it on reddit i ran right over. I didnt use the recipe side a lot back then, if at all. I wrote down everything and had the wife do the mathing.


I can’t remember really. I had been on the Calculator for a while and I’m sure there was either an email notification or something. When I joined I didn’t jump in right away. By the time I did there was a good bit of activity already. But I’ll say this…the decision to get involved with the discussions completely changed my vape life. At the time I thought I was doing some good vaping with the Joyetech Delta II. Boy did I ever learn quickly! :blush:


Wow for some reason I thought ELR was a lot older than that. Happy eieio-versery anyway!!!


Congrats @Ken_O_Where, @daath, and ELR !!!

It would have been interesting to see it at the start.


Happy anniversary dear forum!
I joined 3/23/15. First vape site I checked out and never left.


Me too! I had it sitting on top of the istick 50W and thought I was a badass. Kept both of them for historical reasons.


Me too! So glad I stumbled across this one first!


Happy forumversary! I wasn’t here at the startup and I lurked a while after joining.There wasn’t much traffic and that worked out great for me at the time because the forum already had pages of great info so I would read for hours on end. All the questions I had in my mind was the same questions the older members had asked a couple of months before so all the info was very easy to find. I benefited greatly from all their hard work.I never joined any other forum , I didn’t want to be the new guy but this place was different.
Luckily I had only been mixing for a couple of months , because back then recipes calling for 24-30% flavoring totals were the norm.It wasn’t hard for me to change my mixing style because I was still new.
Everyday it seemed back then they would be talking about flavors and comparing notes like a family discussing what is on the menu for Thanksgiving Dinner! It was awesome and a helluva great way to learn!
TL:DR Thank all the members of ELR both new and old for sharing your wisdom, time ,and friendship!