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Happy J4 ELR


No bbqs yet, just heat, wet, vape, and Mojitos…


This looks almost exactly like my backyard! Had so many storms here tho knocked my water chemistry outta whack so I’m fighting algae ATM. :unamused:
Happy beating the British Empire’s ass day!


I would take that over dark unorganized office, lots of paperwork and quarterly inventory.

Damn I need to retire :rofl:

Happy 4th of July, everybody!


happy 4th of july , be safe and enjoy yourselves lots of love for the family here on this forum …


Happy 4th, damn looks refreshing !! got that Steam Crave going on !!! :+1::sunglasses:


Been there, done that @TorturedZen. You know the drill, Alk, Ph, then Cl !!!


@Mix_and_Hope Figured I’d better get some more testing out of the way on Old Trusty.


@estorm I’m with you on the need to retire !!!


Cheers all, Happy 4th!