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Happy New Year 2018!



Feel better soon brother. I second @Cutlass92 suggestion. Also Alka Seltzer Cold and Flu works pretty well.


Sign I’m getting old:
I woke from a sound sleep, kissed my wife, now I’m here to wish you officially a HNY 2018! Goodnight I’m going back to sleep :zzz:!


May all ELR members have a very happy,prosperous and good health in 2018.
Happy New Year to all.


Hear hear!!

Looking for a better year in 2018, and am excited to see what the ELR portion of it holds!


Happy New Year ELR Fam wishes to you and yours that 2018 will be a blessed and prosperous year for us all !


Happy New Year to all of you!

I hope in 2018 your mixes all taste delicious, every coil be perfect, you don’t purchase any awful Flavors, no dry hits! And, may you never be anywhere without charged batteries! :smile:


Happy New Year to you and everyone! I hope your 2018 is happy & healthy. I look forward to spending 2018 with all of you and more years to come. Peace & Positive Vibrations to all of you. :sparkling_heart:


Bit late to the party but I just wanted to wish my second family all the best for 2018
Thanks for all the support you’ve given us bunch of reprobates over the last 15 months, Steampugs literally wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for this amazing home from home and I love you all dearly :heart_eyes::kissing_smiling_eyes: 🖒


Marky Mark has a sister?

Marcy Mark? Is that you?


Happy New Years everyone!!!


LOL! Don’t you see me in the video? I’m one of the background dancers.


The nearly naked one? Looks good


what? the one in the middle? I barely noticed her… several times.


Nothing like having one of our own private dancers


LOL. I was the one with the white scrunchy and stone washed jeans. :rofl:


Happy New Year Everyone! Healthy & Safe!