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Happy New Year 2018!


I wanted to be the first (Alien) to wish you all a happy upcoming 2018, hope you succeed in all your resolutions, and have the best year ever.
BTW, at the time I am writing this (7:45 AM CST) the New Zealanders are already 2 hours and 45 minutes into 2018!


Happy and healthy new year to all!:champagne:


Everyone have a happy and safe New Year!


Have a Happy, Safe, and Healthy New Year :tada::champagne::confetti_ball:


Well then, Happy New Year from last year! I’ve got just over 14 hours till 2018. I resolve not to resolve! I think I can do that.


Right back at you @CosmicTruth and out to ELR.


Back at ya @CosmicTruth and as @SessionDrummer stated… to the (our) ELR community as a whole…


:grinning:Happy New Year!! 7 hours left over!


Time is relative, It is just based on the rotation of this rotating planet around the sun, so man made the days and years. I sincerely hope you just had the best year ever, and the next one just gets better!
At the time I’m writing this it is 9:30 AM in USA CST year 2017, but Japan is 30 minutes into 2018, and China has another 30 minutes of 2017 to go!


Happy new year to all and long life to this community!
China is counting sinse long befor the rest of the world, they get the new year later, and they have a hard time to recover from it…:grin:


HNY Wishes Fam!

Looking forward to spending another year with you all! Big love :kissing_heart:


We still have 7 hours to go but Happy New Year to Everybody anyway.

New level



Eight hours to go , here in Britain, before we all link arms and sing a load of Scottish gibberish.
But i’m happy to do it early. Here goes:

For auld lang sine, m 'dear , for aaaauld laaaang sine.
Let’s tak a cup of kindness here
for the sake of auld lang sine.

*hic *

Happy New Year, everybody!


6,5 Hr to go and charging all my battery’s because hour of home arival is still unclear at this point … :tada:
Wish everyone all the best, cherish your friends & family, and a good health.
Those things are priceless :blush:
Have fun celebrating everyone and DRIVE SAFE !!


Here’s to a Safe & Prosperous New Year :rocket:



Happy New Year everyone!!! :fireworks:


Happy New Year everyone, I hope you have an amazing 2018.


Hope you all have the best year ever.


happy new year to everyone , im starting 2018 with the flu , headache , muscles ache , cold and tired