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Has Another Mixer Inspired You? Thank Them Here!


Not only awesome, THE BEST.
You can’t find a better bunch of people online like the people on ELR. :thumbsup:


Wow @TheTinMan1 @fidalgo_vapes @Fenrir1 I am honoured to be mentioned in the same sentence as some of the others on your lists thank you

As for me my greatest inspiration for mixing comes from

And as others have said the list is too long to list all.

I feel so lucky to have found such a great bunch of people. The core regulars on this forum are the most helpful friendly group I have ever come across on net.

There are many here that live 1000’s of km away that I would drop everything to try and help out should the S%&^ ever hit the fan.


ROTFL Lolly, I almost missed that. :wink:


Awwwww, thank you @TheTinMan1 for the shout out :relaxed:

I would have to say that I don’t think there is a mixer on here that hasn’t helped me in some way. Even the new mixers help with their questions, bringing me back to the basics, or reminding of things I’ve forgotten. Or even making me think of something in a new way so I don’t stay stagnant. So a huge thanks to all the newbs that keep me thinking and current!!!

I will list a couple of peeps that has inspired me, although there will be also many many many that I will never have time to list them all.

@SthrnMixer and @Ken_O_Where and @BoyHowdy because they seem to have similar palates and mixing methods as me, so they have helped tremendously.

@Lolly for always being encouraging and helpful no matter what.

@Amy2 for her extensive knowledge of a huge variety of flavors and her advice to those with PG allergies and/or diketones.


On an individual level i wouldnt even know where to start so ill just say thank you to everyone. It might seem a bit generic but i have received so much knowledge and inspiration from this place that singling our just a few would be wrong.


^ ALL OF THIS!!! There isn’t a possible way for me to list everyone who’s inspired me. I lurked here for a few months before making an account and another month or so after. It would be easier for me to list by topic.

~ Anyone who extolled the virtues of using a scale.
~ Anyone who recommended using Saline, Distilled Water or Pyure.
~ Anyone who made notes on Cactus and Pear.
~ Anyone who ever answered any of my silly questions.
~ Anyone who warned how EM can mute flavors.
~ Anyone who compared flavors of the same profile in any topic anywhere.
~ Anyone who gave reviews and notes on Real Flavors.
~ Anyone who’s made me laugh.
~ Anyone who’s ever offered to send me something. Whether I accepted or not, I deeply appreciate the generosity.
~ Anyone who has shown patience and kindness to me when I was being thick or cantankerous.
~ Anyone who has shown patience and kindness to the random troll or self entitled idiot when my first instinct was to be cantankerous.

… I’m no where near done but I think you get the idea. All of you guys are the best! :heart:


I’m sure it wasn’t the intent of the OP but this thread is almost like one of those, “Who would you like to meet in real life from the boards?” threads.

Even people who have posted after me has me thinking, shit! how did I forget them?


It’s like this

we all make each other that’s why ELR is so great :sunny:


yes yes @SthrnMixer i knew id forget at least 10 peeps


ALL the folks listed above! But let’s not forget @Chewy @Fozzy71 @Rupert @JoJo @tbt127 @Mourning_Glory and @therabidweasel …all people from whom I have directly swiped inspiration.

this truly is a community like no other

There’s also a list of old school ELR contributors who may never see their mentions here… @VHM @NotCharlesManson @thirdworldorder Hey? Once you go pro… :sunglasses:

Warmest thanks to all …especially if I forgot to mention you (but I was only allowed 10 :wink: )


Thank you @TheTinMan1. You push me to make better liquids and keep impressing you and others. All the people that have been mentioned are keeping me laughing and informed.

A recent encounter with @Whiterose0818 has truly made me rethink my strategy in life and business. He has a calmness and exuberance that can be seen from Scotland. Which is pretty good since he is in Kentucky. He is a role model that all customer service industries need to emulate. I have never been treated with so much kindness. His passion shows on everything he touches. He is truly a one of a kind. Thank you for the patience of a saint.


Wow…Thank you so very much for the kind words, brother. I’m truly touched!


You are welcome. You definetly earned it not me.


Thank you @BoDarc much appreciated!

For me I find it hard to single out individuals as inspiration to myself?
Everyone mentioned so far has inspired me but equally everyone else who contributes to this great forum.
Every last piece of info or advice is greatly appreciated by myself and I would like to thank everyone for their time and effort in this crazy world of DIY.
Thank you


I cant singularly name anyone there’s far too many and I would almost definitely forget people but I think I can summarize the whole thing by saying with absolute confidence that the biggest insperation to my 4 or 5 year vaping life has been ELR in all its entirety. There is simply no other place on the internet that you can visit and find this many incredible people, in a world filled with negativity and dark corners ELR shines like a …shiny…thing.


Has @Rupert been mentioned. Well he has now.

Him @Skullblade789 , @Alisa, @Ken_O_Where, @mixologist13, @Amy2, @SthrnMixer & @woftam all make me pay close attention. I have others that Have all been mentioned above. But these guys I don’t even hesitate. They are my ELRE.
ELR elite.
Great thread for newbots to create a follow list.


You put my thoughts into words much better than I ever could.
Thank you everyone!


That is kind of the reason I have not joined any other forum type things, it seems odd to me that some of the different forum sites have actual sections for ‘infighting’. I never much paid attention to the forum side of ELR and was surprised to find such a diverse crowd of super nice people. Happy to have found y’all. :grin:


Dang, I’ve seen my name a few times and to be honest, it makes me uncomfortable because I don’t count myself a great mixer at all. No one else would either if they saw the vast oceans of terrible juice I make before landing on something vapable. It’s disturbing really :wink:

EXACTLY! If I started naming names I’d have to go through the entire ELR user list. So thank you everyone for inspiration, kindness and encouragement.

Let me say this though. It’s been beyond inspiring hanging out on the IRC channel. Almost daily someone will say something that inspires a mix. Just last night I was speaking with a member about a couple flavors - next thing I knew I had 120ml mixed up and tasting it. Real time collaboration.


I really dont give the chat enough time 🖒 I should work on that :wink: