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Has Another Mixer Inspired You? Thank Them Here!


Lol. I always show up when it’s time for bed for everyone. Amir’s always quiet in chat.


There’s tons of mixers I would like to thank that have helped me in my mixing journey. Not all of us are still friends and thats a shame but most are… also I dont know their ELR presence as much as their FB group and reddit presence.
so I would like to thank:
Bruce Ashcraft- (has given me inspiration ith all types of random flavors)
Jeff Hasley- (taught me the power of peach.)
Elisa Dunesbury- (taught me the value of mixing for those with sensitivities.)
Ashlie Gantt- (taught me to step out of my 3 top brands)
John Mcgregor- (taught me all types of shit.)
Wayne Walker- (we went to ECC together and He taught me to mix by weight.)
Ty Edwards- Showed me the power of N.E.T.S for tobacco lovers
Chris Hubbard and Paul STyles… well we love “dirty” dessert flavors and could bounce ideas off each other without judgement
Judson Thomas Ireland- (straight to point the perpetual flavor skeptic)
NotCharlesmanson- (just has a lot of recipes that are fun to tweak and is a nice guy.)

ELR: I browse this forum all the time for inspiration and although All The Flavors his hip cool and gaining more screen time with me. this is a comfortable mix space that allows me to lurk and learn

The DIYorDIE Discord Channel: Quick access to looming questions about mixing with a dose of humor. (does ELR have an equivalent?)

DIY Ejuice Recipes , Arkansas DIY Mixers DIY E-juice University are also decent groups I like to skim on FB for info

I thank all these people because i continue to draw from their knowledge for the most part.


I have to agree about @Whiterose0818 wholeheartedly. He is patient, helpful and such a kind hearted young man. It does my heart good to know there are people in the country and for all that matters world that are still like that.

Thank you Whiterose for all you’ve done for so many of us


I’ve been inspired by so many people here I can’t even begin to list them. Newbies and seasoned mixers, I’ve learned from everyone! Thank you to every single person who makes elr so freaking awesome, I have so many laughs (shout out to my freaky crew :laughing: ) and I swear I learn something new from someone every time I log on.


There are so many who inspire me.


As a noob to DIY, I personally would like to thank…Just enter Your Name here < because All of You have been an inspiration whether by me asking the ultimate dumb noob questions or me just silently lurking,reading,studying, applying or just plain laughing. You All have that Value to me and why I consider All of You my Extended Family. We may not all agree or get that one weird joke (Pugs,lol) or like certain flavors but the beauty is We can relate to each other one way or another. Thats what its all about. I’m still new to some of this but with All You Guys, I believe I can be More Sucessful and really enjoy this whole gig. Quiting cigarettes was my biggest motivation so hopefully you’ll all let me stick around for a while.:blush::triumph:


I scrolled back through my activity history last night and read a lot of old post to try and remember all the help and advice that was given to me at ELR. I want to give thanks to those that helped and inspired me to be a better mixer.

First I’d like to give thanks to @Ken_O_Where for being patient and selfless through all the questions I asked early on. You are truly my mentor. I latched onto you because your mix style is similar to mine. You really understand and support the direction I choose to go.

@Kinnikinnick we didn’t always see eye to eye, but I know now it was my ego. I thought I knew it all and you kindly let me know there was a lot more out there than I thought I knew.

@ringling… the art of old school mixing. You taught me that all that extra stuff isn’t necessary. Use what I need and forget the rest. Thanks for your patience too.

@Amy2… the one on ones and your spot on comments always came at just the right time to save me a lot of headaches. Your insight and flavor descriptions has been invaluable for me.

@Alisa… We have different styles, but I learned from you to not be selfish and help where I can. I like the fact that no matter what was new to the forum you always kept things grounded. You are the true “Mother of ELR”.

@SthrnMixer, my brother from another mother. aka “Mr. Tell It Like It Is”. You don’t know how much I appreciate your honesty. It’s rare to see an individual that just keep it real 24/7.

@JoJo, you also keep it real and helped keep me centered. Thanks for your support in my endeavors.

@Jondamon… I remember when I tried to give you tips on coil making. I never thought you would turn into "Dr Coilenstein. Your builds are beautiful… keep it up. You have surpassed anything I could ever create.

I saved the best for last… OUR SUPREME LEADER @daath. Your vision and leadership is second to none. I can’t express how much I appreciate your efforts in building the best eliquid forum on the planet… THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

There are several others from back in day that inspired me… @quitter1… I miss you brother.

It’s an inspiration just to be a member here, Thanks for all the tidbits I’ve picked up along the way.

Kumbaya ELR

I love you all, there’s no place like home!


Thank you for the kind words!
So many kind people have helped and inspired me and i havent forgotten that. I am simply passing it on!!!


There are just tons of you that have chimmed in offered valued opinions gave me a hard time when it was needed You are all like my brothers and sisters. Such a fine family I am lucky enough to have


My sons although not on the forum have both been very helpful and informative for our vaping adventure, it was kinda nice to have all three of us vaping, sad to say he has back slid into the analog world. I keep trying to get to the bottom of the issue but as they say


but you can’t force him to take a bath in it…

Thats what you were about to say right :wink:


Oh Mah G we forgot @robin who has a ton of recipes. Sharing moves the World forward.


I’d like to thank the following:
@Lars for recipes that got me moving past my 1D or 2D flavor profiles.

@TheTinMan1 for ultimate patience and help with coil building. including lots of pictures!

And thanks to everyone else, who gives me a reason to keep coming here everyday


I should not have read this at work I can’t stop laughing lmao my boss thinks I’m crazy lol totally didn’t catch that until you pointed it out!


I was thinking more along the lines of you’d pay hell trying to give him an enema by yourself


Like it’s been said. There are lots of folks who have inspired me. Too many to name. But acouple honorable mentions…
@Amy2 I still remember your guidance when I first started mixing and such great patience.
@SthrnMixer for his recipies I’ve used for ideas to blend with newer flavors.
@Pro_Vapes for inspiration to speak up on topics regarding flavors/brands that are not popular.
And the list goes on but I gotta get back to work. So much to remember from close to two years of mixing.


Make sure some of those pictures I sent never go public…even on the freak flag thread.


No promises, but I will do my best. :joy:


Damn, how could I have forgot you. You started here a couple of months after me but quickly surpassed anything I will ever be able to create. You have for sure inspired me.