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Has Another Mixer Inspired You? Thank Them Here!


Thank you Benoz, gotta get around to getting some recipes back on the Agenda too. I’m looking forward to trying another one of your delicious One. Grants Vanilla Custard Benoz Way. Thanks for your friendship and kindness bro. Much Love Brother


Have to pass out another high five to @Pro_Vapes. He’s quite a knowledgeable fellow and willing to help with even the seemingly most inane question. I’ve been hitting his Medicine Flower synapses a lot lately and he’s not told me to take a hike yet. Thanks man.

And thank you @Sprkslfly for the help traveling down the Butterscotch trail as well. Another one who will tolerate annoying questions and assist with grace and honesty.


Hopefully we can chalk this up as big misunderstanding on my part and I do apologize for misunderstanding your comment.


The next thing I’m going to say, is not meant as an insult/offense, please don’t take it as such.

After reading that misunderstanding, I could not help myself but think that it’s “that time of the month” again, just to realize a second later that both of you are not female ; ) I thought it was cute but I’m happy you guys made up!

Again I mean no harm with my comment, and maybe I should not typed this, but I felt because it’s not coming from a offensive place, that if looking how I saw it, might give you both a chuckle.


Meh, I can be blunt sometimes. Just didn’t intend it that time. PV probably has a lot of people tugging at his pants leg, and doesn’t need sarcasm, good natured or otherwise digging into his time.

Anyway, I’ll keep this on track with a shout out to @woftam. Really has a lot of good info posted across the forum.


Cheers mate appreciate the mention :grinning:


It would be easier to copy and paste a user list than to list all of you that I find inspirational. I do want to say that you guys and gals have shown me how to start, get better and what never ever to do. But what has really inspired me the most is the wisdom, patience and of course the funny. Knowing how to blend flavors and wrap coils is great and all, but it’s the personalities that keep the door open and let me continue down other avenues in this vape-world. I hope this site never looses the freedom to be who we are as personalities because that is why I keep returning day after day. You are all awesome and I’m glad to “know” you.

For those of you that have cost me a great deal of money with your temptations: I hate you.