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Has Another Mixer Inspired You? Thank Them Here!


Thank you Benoz, gotta get around to getting some recipes back on the Agenda too. I’m looking forward to trying another one of your delicious One. Grants Vanilla Custard Benoz Way. Thanks for your friendship and kindness bro. Much Love Brother


Have to pass out another high five to @Pro_Vapes. He’s quite a knowledgeable fellow and willing to help with even the seemingly most inane question. I’ve been hitting his Medicine Flower synapses a lot lately and he’s not told me to take a hike yet. Thanks man.

And thank you @Sprkslfly for the help traveling down the Butterscotch trail as well. Another one who will tolerate annoying questions and assist with grace and honesty.


Hopefully we can chalk this up as big misunderstanding on my part and I do apologize for misunderstanding your comment.


The next thing I’m going to say, is not meant as an insult/offense, please don’t take it as such.

After reading that misunderstanding, I could not help myself but think that it’s “that time of the month” again, just to realize a second later that both of you are not female ; ) I thought it was cute but I’m happy you guys made up!

Again I mean no harm with my comment, and maybe I should not typed this, but I felt because it’s not coming from a offensive place, that if looking how I saw it, might give you both a chuckle.


Meh, I can be blunt sometimes. Just didn’t intend it that time. PV probably has a lot of people tugging at his pants leg, and doesn’t need sarcasm, good natured or otherwise digging into his time.

Anyway, I’ll keep this on track with a shout out to @woftam. Really has a lot of good info posted across the forum.


Cheers mate appreciate the mention :grinning:


It would be easier to copy and paste a user list than to list all of you that I find inspirational. I do want to say that you guys and gals have shown me how to start, get better and what never ever to do. But what has really inspired me the most is the wisdom, patience and of course the funny. Knowing how to blend flavors and wrap coils is great and all, but it’s the personalities that keep the door open and let me continue down other avenues in this vape-world. I hope this site never looses the freedom to be who we are as personalities because that is why I keep returning day after day. You are all awesome and I’m glad to “know” you.

For those of you that have cost me a great deal of money with your temptations: I hate you.


Great idea. I’m new & not following anyone atm. I have joined a group #Aussie 9 & I have been inspired to make the best cheesecake juice ever by a group known as DIY Downunder run by @Pippa mod by @Benoz who created the ‘White Whale’ of cheesecake juice recipes on ATF. DIY Downunder is a Facebook group but I think there’s a lot of us that try to utilise a few great sites/apps etc. But elr is by far the nicest & most helpful site I’ve ever found on the internet on any subject!


I’ve got 2 adaptations from the Grants custard my way. An awesome recipe inspiration! & @Benoz is great too!


Hey @Madmel just fyi i didn’t create the white whale it was @Dankone :wink: who is a member of our group his name is Aran but thanks lol


Maybe I worded it wrong I meant that # diy downunders’ group had made the white whale recipe, no 1 person specifically. But thanks for letting me know who the actual creator is. Is he here on elr? (Probably a stupid question huh?)as all the best mixers are on elr! Lol


I dont think his white whale is on here tho


Group as in Aussie crew #9 or #Diy downunders’ group, or both? A quick question about being in a group(this is probably another stupid question !) I clicked on that I joined the Aussie crew #9 so does it show up with my name like it does with other members when they like or reply, comment etc.?


I haven’t checked either so my adaption of the recipe might be all there is on elr! I might message him to let him know how much he inspired me to make my Custard Pavlova Cheesecake recipe that’s still my favorite juice on the planet! When I get ‘vapers’ tongue ’ I’ve been vaping a shake & vape I found on elr it’s a Strawberry icecream. Had to sub out a few flavors but it’s my 1st attempt at a s&v recipe & was pleasantly surprised that it really does taste great as soon as it’s mixed . On day 3 of it now & nearly out as I only made 30mls & can’t put it down but it does keep getting better day by day. So going to mix 60mls this time so it should get me through till my steep time is up on my other mixes. Loving that I haven’t needed to use or buy any premium eliquids, even though I still have a few bottles not finished, I’ve just craved what I’ve mixed! Sorry 4 the rant, just wanted to express what’s going on with someone who could understand me!


Ok I messaged @Dankone to let him know how much the 'White whale ’ recipe inspired me to make my 1st mix & have it turn out so successfully that I’ve only changed my mix of Custard Pavlova Cheesecake once by adding in Whipped Marshmallow (Silverline) (Cap) . It’s going to take something pretty amazing to top this recipe!
On a different note it seems like @Dankone isn’t an active member, as in 1 min read time, no likes or comments just recipes…lots of them! Do you ever chat with him or anything? I’m following him now too.


He mainly uses atf but his name is aran i talk with him quite often and he is a really nice bloke from the usa ill try and get him into the forum but in the meantime give him a shout out on diydownunder Facebook group he will definitely reply there.


He got back to me here on elr after I messaged him. He has got so many recipies on here without having to search on FB or ATF. I’m following him now too. He seemed really nice in his reply & very humble!