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Has Another Mixer Inspired You? Thank Them Here!


Aww, @DarkJester89… it’s the one thing I do enjoy, trying to help others.
I’m not really active here, too much going on, as always… but look for more good things coming soon!

I do appreciate this… you have me laughing over coffee this morning! :kissing_heart:


Tin, 21 / 22 days steep on the mix in my experience.


thanks for the inclusion mate :heart_eyes:
keep checking my recipes, I’ve got a lot of new stuff to get you inspired @DarkJester89 :wink:


That chocolate vape was saucy. I have since run out and only have Chico chunks with milk chocolate


Heck, I’m bound to forget to mention someone. But I was reading this forum (via Google!) long before i joined, and was finally drawn into joining by the excellent advice i repeatedly found here, especially regarding my two particular things: PG-free vaping ( I just can’t vape any other way) and Medicine Flower concentrates. It’s not easy to find good info on those!

The enthusiam and knowlege exuded by all the following spring to mind:

@Pro_Vapes , @Amy2 , @Ken_O_Where , @fidalgo_vapes ,

Since actually joining, I feel I might have become a tad over-inspired, you might say! you know, buying far more concentrates than my pocket is happy with!

But hey! Thanks, anyway, guys. If i must fqall down the rabbit hole, it’s good to fall down in such amazingly good company :grinning:


I would like to call out Convenient Vaping. He has many recipes here on ELR and I have tried quite a few, and I like them all. He has a You Tube channel, but has very few subs, and has not posted anything for 8 months now. I think he may have become despondent. Check him out people and show some love, and check out some of his recipes, you wont be disappointed. [And no I’m not related].


A big shout out to all the people i have mentioned below, without your support and contributions to this community, i can safely say i wouldn’t be the mixer i am today, i am by no means a wizard, but i am starting to produce descent e liquid that im happy to vape…lots of love to all y’all…


:smile: :wink::sun_with_face::grapes::melon::watermelon::tangerine::lemon::banana::pineapple::green_apple::pear::peach::cherries::strawberry::kiwi_fruit::coconut::pie::cake::birthday::cookie::doughnut::ice_cream::shaved_ice::icecream::takeout_box::lollipop::honey_pot::milk_glass:


:grinning: That’s super cool of you. I loves to have help when I can. It is a feeling of great satisfaction when you start creating mixes you really enjoy.