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Has anyone heard from Mr. WhiteRose?


Like the title says, has anyone heard from @Whiterose0818? Haven’t seen him on here in a while.


Not for a bit. I know he is still keeping a bit busy.


Might check his Instagram or pictaplace or whatever thingy. :laughing:

I know he was active on there a fair amount (last I checked)


Yes. I spoke to him briefly on the phone 1/31. He is a very private person but i will say he has added to his non-vape related work load and it is keeping him very busy.

I don’t think he is doing any mod making at the moment.


He hasn’t posted on IG since 6/6/2018


/to the tune of “Breaking the Law”

Shavin’ that Ass!
Shavin’ that Ass!


I would say most of our convos start out that way

WR: what’s up brother
Me: chillin. What’s up with you
WR: shaving a dog’s ass



Yeah I certainly miss that dude. :fist:


Are you looking at me?

sorry, just noticed


Huh? lol :joy:


Actually I like the new look.It’s a softer, kinder you.
Sorry I’m off topic.


Well damn. I had a wire come loose from the board on my white rose and was hoping I could get him to take a look at it.