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Has This Happened to Anyone?


Well, I guess without the mysteries of eliquid we wouldn’t be here. With that I bid you all a goodnight :slight_smile:


Did you happen to smell the RY4 Double first by any chance? They both contain a fairly similar amount of Cyclotene which produces maple/carmellic qualities. It is actually a good thing that you made this connection because you are distinguishing the characteristics of singular ingredients, something that often takes a while for some people to do.


Dirty girl…


What is the liquid and a link?


i test almost every flavor as a stand alone , the notes here are great from others but we all tatse things differently , i test the flaves at 1 , 2 and 4 weeks doing that allows you to see how the flave develops and in your case this will allow you to test at different times where you may seem your taste buds are off or youve not drank enough water or whatever the case may be , if i could only give people one piece of advise it would be to make sure they single flavor test


I am convinced this would be a great thing to do. It will be a real test of patience for me.


Haha! Pure as the driven snow, me :wink:


Okay, keep on believing gurl.


Just put a drop on your finger and taste it… :confused:


Actually, I did. And thx for the PM, that was helpful.

As for making the connection…I can always use a good sign, TY :slight_smile: