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Has This Happened to Anyone?


I just made an Ry4 recipe using TFA Double Ry4 and TFA Bavarian Cream.
I always smell the concentrate after I uncap it. I could barely smell the difference between the two. I had to repeat my sniffing to make sure. I know Ry4s traditionally have Vanilla and Caramel in them. But why would these two flavors smell 99% identical? Thx for any input.


RY4 and Bavarian cream smell the same??

What about taste??


Your question just made me get up and smell them again! They’re very close. Is it at all possible that the vendor who repackages the flavors made a mistake with the labeling? Either that or…some people are tone deaf, maybe I’m taste deaf.


I’ve never mixed standalones of each and vaped them.I just mixed them in a batch with 2 other flavors.


Mybe do a finger test of each?


It’s a royal pain and boring… but, stand alone mixing will help you in the future to create great mixes. All you need is a 3 to 5ml test batch to get a good idea of the flavor profile for any concentrate… don’t forget about your steep time with stand alone mixes… it matters. :wink:


You are right, Sensei. My impatience impedes my progress to being a good student and causes me to cheat :blush:


Thx, I think I can handle that :smile:


Bavarian cream is a buttery cream w/ a hint of caramel and vanilla so don’t think your losing it ! They are similar but taste completely different where Ry4 has the deeper hues of caramel and tobacco. It’s true single flavor testing is tedious work but w/ a rewarding payoff.


Oh, TY so much. I did think I was losing it. Or something was wrong with my schnozzle :laughing:


Sometimes I smell so many of the course of mixing that I have to take a break. A good way to cleanse the sniffer is to smell some coffee beans then go back to smelling the concentrates. Also a cheater method is the shot glass method where you put a shot of flavor in a glass and you shoot it and see if you can get a good feel for what it taste like some ppl have this method down very well , me I do the single flavor method in a mix and then vape it.


No s–t? You can shoot a flavor concentrate? I be damned!


You can also just drip some water onto a teaspoon and add a drop of flavor to get an idea of how it is.


Thank you kindly, Ms Underanne :smile:


that is what I am saying you can get a shot glass and drop 1 drop see how it taste if it’s weak drop 2 drops that gives you an idea on strength as far as tastes go.


Very interesting points. Thank you @Amy2


Wow, I don’t know about the single flavor testing thing. My taste buds are never consistent. I’m afraid I would never really taste most of the tests. Too much coffee that day. Too little water that day. Ate a Jalapeno that day. etc.etc.etc. Couldn’t taste my strawberry prevalent mix today at all. Tonight it tastes great. I think I would have to do every test over a week’s period to trust the results.


Ah, so that’s why I doubt my ability to properly taste (and maybe smell) my flavors. Interesting point and thank you for that. I just got a reply from a friend on another forum who said that she received a mistakenly labeled flavor from a vendor whom I shall not mention out of courtesy. Now I know that that is a possibility, too.

However, the point of single flavor testing is an important one that I feel I should be more disciplined with.


I’m sure it is. I just know I would be a poor judge. I know other folks that can taste something and accurately tell what is in there. I’m always amazed.


I am too. There’s a juice I still buy because it baffles me what the heck is in there. And no one else knows, either, because I have never seen a legit clone.